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by KodakChuck at 11:12 PM
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A lot of you seem to not take staff applications serious.
By this I mean people giving out stupid +1's like, +1 he's my daddy, +1 omg yes.
Staff applications are to be taken seriously not something to joke around.
Always give reasonable +1's like, +1 Played with him before knows the rules etc.

by Mr8B1T at 5:49 PM
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Seeing or hearing of anything promotion related joking or not will result in a demotion or suspension, the joke is old you will only receive a promotion if we deem it that you deserve it. This will take effect starting now. You have been warned, check yourself before you wreck yourself~
by Albino707 at 10:24 PM
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Well ladies and gents it looks like this old man has ran his last marathon, eaten his last meal, spooked his last squeeker. Yes folks, this is me coming to all of you and letting you know that I am stepping down as staff manager, and as staff as a whole. I have not been able to supply anything for the server for sometime due to my busy life outside of Garry's Mod, and I feel it is unfair of me to have people hold expectations of me I do not have the time to follow through with. On the off chance I will get the time again, I may come back and if I do I do hope to see familiar faces. I do apologize for leaving on sudden notice, and if you do have any questions just add me via steam and I will be happy to answer any. I may still hop on the server every now and then, but that would be it.

Wish Orion and its community the best
by Albino707 at 8:53 PM
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For all my staff:
This is a revised sit punishment section. As of 8/1/2016 this is the format all staff will have to abide by and follow. IF YOU CAN'T OR FAIL TO DO SO, YOU WILL BE DEMOTED PLAIN AND SIMPLE

For all sits, take them in a location where many people do not frequent, !GOTO is a great command, but you should really !BRING somebody to you so you can have them in a situation where you don't have others breathing down your throat.
Jail Times and Kicks:
  • Jail times are done for all first time offenses of anything but ROPE SPAM, MASS RDA/RDM.
  • Jail times for RDM go as such, first RDM offense (1 person) 120second jail time. Second offense is 240seconds, third is 360seconds, after the third they will get a 2 day ban.
  • Jail times for NLR and killing one person is a 120 second jail time.
  • Kicks are done for people who refuse to delete props...
by Slam Van at 4:24 PM
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  • You are not exempt from the rules of the server, you're just as vulnerable as everyone else
  • Do not ban anyone for any stupid reason (i.e. nigger, kill yourself, faggot) You need to put an actual reason. Repeated offenses will result in a demote/ban.
  • Do not base in the admin area, I don't care if you're not roleplaying. The admin area is for events and being afk.
  • Do not abuse your noclip. One offense of noclip abuse will result in a demotion to the lowest level.
  • Do not abuse your toolgun privileges. Deleting anyones base with the remove without their consent will result in a demotion to user.
  • Do not give anyone special treatment. I don't care if it's your mom, dad, or best friend, they're not exempt from the rules.
  • Do not use a lua exection/script that gives you an upperhand (i.e. lenny's, hl2script, etc.) You may only use a crosshair and bhop script. If we find that you...
by Slam Van at 12:31 AM
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Rules are subjected to change at any time

  • Lightsabers may not be used during any type of raid, robbery, mug, kidnapping, ect. They may only be used for getting around and self defense purposes.
  • Abusing custom classes may result in a temporary ban and a deletion of your custom class or a removed item's from your custom class, this includess (Dropping weapons, Invalid playermodel textures, abusing lightsaber)
  • Using any "Glitch" or "Exploits" involving the custom class will result in your custon class being deleted.
  • Toolgun abuse can result in but are not limited to; bans, kicks, custom class removal, toolgun access removal, ect.
  • Use common sense, finding "loop holes" in our rules and abusing them will result in a custom class removal or a permanent ban.
  • You are not permitted to "give" someone your class unless given permission by me or sicko.
  • You may only have 1 rifle, 1 pistol, 1 misc item, and a lightsaber or spiderman...
by DeadVCR at 5:17 PM
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All of Orion Network's loading screen music will appear here! Enjoy!