Orion Network

by Chronic at 8:53 PM
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Teamsepeak IP: ts.orion.network

Please follow the rules;
No racism
Teen Content allowed
No Nudity
No vulgar language allowed around kids who are present. (12 & younger)

by Slam Van at 5:55 PM
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Since the newly added CS:GO unboxing adds some more entertainment to the server, what kind of cases do you want to see? Post workshop links or addons you think would make to be good cases. No nukes or weapons that break/crash the server please!
by Fyre at 12:48 AM
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AFKing will no longer be tolerated. If you have to go AFK leave and rejoin when you can come and do your job. If you are seen AFK you will be warned then the next time you will be demoted. Too many staff are going AFK rather than taking sits.

Favoritism will also not be tolerated. Meaning you cannot give special treatment to anyone. Doesn't matter if its your brother, friend, dog. For example if your friend rdm'ed someone punish them how you would punish anyone else. Another example of favoritism is using staff powers to benefit your friend or yourself. For example bringing them back during a raid because you accidentally shot them. If you are giving special treatment to certain users you will be demoted.

Staff should also be taking sits. You can still RP and have fun but it is your job to take sits. Sits should be your number one priority. Not taking sits and just coming on to RP will result in demotion. Also coming on and taking minimal amount of sits will also result in a...
by Fyre at 12:43 AM
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These rules are subjected to change at any time

Raiding Rules​
  1. You can only raid for 10 minutes.
  2. You must Advert Assist if you're going to help someone raid.
  3. You can not call raid in someone's base.
  4. No Light Saber/Spiderman gun during raid.
  5. Only criminal jobs can raid (See more in job list)
  6. Medic can raid only if your healing with a group
  7. Do not come back during the raid if you die.
  8. You must advert Raid/Raid assist
  9. You can not raid someone who has a building sign
  10. PD Raid applys with the cooldown and also must be adverted. Swat,Cops are allowed to break NLR during raid
Basic rules.

  1. Do not RDM someone. (Random Death Match)
  2. Do not break NLR. Don't come back to the same place within 5 minutes. (New life rule)
  3. Do not impersonate staff members.
  4. Do not...
by Fyre at 12:46 AM
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Owner: Sicko.

Co-Owner: Slam

Manager: Fyre Co-Manger: Cyan

SuperAdmin: Albino, Tempest.

Dev: Chronic.

Admin: D_ram, Righty

Moderator: Revohked, Nick flocker, Leonardo, Zuldus.

Trial-Mod: Yee, Lord_Dumbledank, Joesph Kony, Emerald flow, Emotion, Shy guy, Tony.

(Keep in mind if you need help with donating or CC please contact Slam, Tempest Or Albino! If you can not contact them, please come to Fyre or Dram so we can contact them for you. If you have anything to report about the server with bugs,glitches, etc. Contact Chronic! Or any other SuperAdmin.)
by Chronic at 2:31 AM
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Just to let everyone know what's going on, The map is almost done. I've just got to finish texturizing some stuff and add a few buildings. Make custom Orion Logo's placed around the map and just a few small things.

With the new host, Sicko want's to wait till the end of the billing cycle with NFO. I've already told him that we need to switch over ASAP but I cannot make him move faster than the pace that he's currently at. Our only option is to wait till the end of the Billing Cycle.

I optimized a ton of scripts that are currently on the server, within the past few days. I plan on making us custom sh*t, Only issue is testing. I need to test scripts but since I cannot even run garrys mod on my laptop we'll just have to wait on that for another few weeks till I can get my desktop.
by Mr8B1T at 7:54 PM
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Okay so apparently there is a miscommunication between the users and the highest ranking staff members, so let me make this clear. If they are not Super Admin or above do not ask them anything if you have any big questions regarding Custom Classes, Vip or Encrypted or anything in the genre. Some lower ranking staff don't know how to transfer info correctly or efficiently. I'm going to list every staff member that you should ask or message with stuff regarding that stuff (Fyre, Slam, Tempest) so again please do not talk to lower ranking staff about that type of stuff.
by Chronic at 4:34 AM
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Scripts are in progress.
by Chronic at 4:20 AM
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I'm going to make Orion Network a brand new site. The current Xenforo is complete and utter garbage. I don't think that I'll be able to transfer threads over but I should be able to transfer over the db's just fine.

Status: Starting as of 10/10/16
End Date: est. 10/20/16

I'll post update pictures as the development continues.
by Chronic at 3:38 AM
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I'm working on the new map as well. The current state of the map is about 2/5th's done. It'll be 2x the size of the current Downtown map that we have but it'll still have the same feeling and still feel "Claustrophobic" in a way be just be larger. I'll most likely end up removing the trees, replacing it with a fountain. I know it looks grainy, That's just temporary.
Teaser picture