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Orion Network


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Some of you might know who I am, some of you might not. Stuff is in the works, things will take some time so be patient. If you want updates or some info you can find me with these links.There is going to be a'lot going on we will be doing the best we can.

Hope to see all of yall again :)

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/8B1T/
Discord: 8B1T#6334


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I've taken away all Thread/Posting permissions for the next few days. @8B1T Will make a post explaining everything that's going on shortly. If you have any questions, Add me on discord here:


SCP-RP Feedback

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Thank you for everyone who came to the launch of the SCP:RP server, we will be shutting it down and be fixing some bugs and problems and also making some changes. The server will come back tomorrow. If you have any suggestions or bugs you would like to report please let us know.


?? - Stay tuned


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I know this is realllly late to make a post but I finally got around to doing so.

I am currently the active co-owner/dev/whatever they need me to be at the time. For all inquiries about the server or custom classes, please message me or Albino about such things. Fyre has resigned and it isn't his job to deal with such things unless he comes back into his position. I want to thank you all for trying to re-populate the server and I think we can do a great job getting Orion back to it's old standards.

Having said that, feel free to add me.

I'll try and add all of you and get to responding to things. Please look at the rules/past threads before you ask however, there might be an answer for you somewhere in the forums.

Also, feel free to make suggestions on this post on what you think would help/improve quality of life on the server.

Thanks, Slam.

Let's move it all together shall we?

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So I was going to comment on each individual post, but I was at work and then they came in as if the floodgates had opened. We all know that @Fyre @Tails and @Kawaii all have left the server to pursue bigger and better things. It was caught by a surprise by more than just all of you, but by myself as well so it's a bit jarring and disorienting to write this out. I've worked with these three for sometime, and most of my post here is going to be directed to Fyre because in the end of the day, Tails and Kawaii were FYRE'S staff as he was the one who took up the torch after me.

My time on Orion has been one where I rarely make anything close to a friend, and that may be because of my own inadequacies as a person or as a manager, though regardless that is my flaw. On the server I can only really count around 10 or so people who really left an impact on me or have touched me in a way to let me call them a friend, Fyre was easily...

So here I stand

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As many have noticed, it seems like I am not standing here alone (with Cyan lingering in the background) and with that means that I have to get off my ass and start to work. Fyre and Tails have been a blessing for me to have on this server. Fyre was my protege, my kid, I watched him grow throughout his time on the server and he has grown just as I would have liked, I wish both him and Tails the best.

Though even I was caught by surprise by this, I can’t let myself get to wrapped up in it since if I do it’ll just hold me back from contiuning the server on. As many have noticed, we are in a rut, and I will do my best to bring the players back into out community. I cannot promise I can do it on my own, though I’ll try as much as time permits.

I do have an announcement, as of this upcoming Saturday we will be announcing a new server (Don’t worry DarkRP will still be up) but this server will be ran by @Striker @Mario and @Righty. We...

Not to steal your thunder... Important.

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Official Resignation
Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my time working with Orion immensely and will miss working with everyone, but just to clarify, this is something has been lingering in the back of my head for months and I've finally come to a conclusion and decided to act on it. Alright, after my talk with Tails I've finally gained the courage to officially "resign" from my position. So for that, thank you. I've realized that I need to start looking more in a realistic perspective, Orion is slowly coming to an end and we all know it.. and I feel as I've done my part exceptionally well... Nothing on this earth will ever diminish the love and respect I have for this community and server - I've spent the last 4 years being able to do something I love with the luxury of having fun... Not to mention all the people that I got to meet and connect with, but the biggest blessing of them all was being able to create an environment where...

Server is back up - Goodnight

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Update (Fresh Start)

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I know I said it was going to be a vote, but we've decided to push this out regardless of the vote. Orion (Like I've said) Isn't going anywhere positive *Player wise* doing this will level the playing field for everyone and will reward the people that choose to grind.

Printers: All donator printers have been NERFED significantly.

Bitminers: Nerfed to a reasonable collect amount.

Weed: Slight decrease in price.

Meth: Slight decrease in price.

Xanax: Slight decrease in price.

Kevlar: (Kept the same)

Lean: (Kept the same)

All vehicles have been reduced in price - And yes, we reset your vehicles. Just to give insight on how long it's been, we added cars two years ago and haven't reset them once. They have been due for a while now.

Bank: Reset

Inventories: Reset...

Possbile eco reset - Please Read

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Hey Orion! So I've come up with a "biggish" idea for the server. Obviously, Orion isn't getting a consistent batch of new players like it once did so, we're essentially going to try and level the playing field - By "nerfing" all the money making methods, it gives more incentive to raid, grind, etc. Also, you can't buy everything within 3 hours of playing on the server. Please give feedback and vote!

+ Adjust all vehicles prices - More realistic

+ Nerf ALL printers/drugs/bit miners - Can't give specifics as I haven't even looked at anything yet.

+ Reset everything: Vehicles, Bank, Inventories, Wallet

(If you have any suggestions please comment down below or PM me)

Sewer Update/Chess and Checkers (13/3/19)

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Coming fresh off the new map update, we've decided to take advantage of the Sewer under the map. To put everything in simple terms, every job in the "Sewer System" category in the F4 are the only jobs that are permitted to base in the sewer.

(Please vote - Economy Reset Poll)

Mutant Leader:
Can raid: No
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes, but all mutants and the mutant leader himself must live in the sewage area underground. Non-monsters/mutants are allowed to be KOS if they're down there and if you see a monster down in the sewers, then you may KOS the monster living down there.
Printers/Bitminers: No
Weapon type: Melee
Meth: Yes
Weed: Yes

Can raid: No
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes, but all mutants and the mutant leader himself must live in the sewage area underground. Non-monsters/mutants are allowed to be KOS if they're down there and if you see a monster down in the...

Update! (3/11/19)

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Hey Orion!

We will be adding more addons/scripts onto the server within this week or next week. We've looked at many suggestions and have accepted a bunch. If you do have any more suggestions, please feel free to post them on the suggestions page and we'll look at them! One more thing, expect an economy reset to happen soon or very soon.

The update will be featuring 2 new jobs: Failed Archer and Monster Leader, a new and well-designed map. Read the rest of the update notes to see what else is in store, enjoy the update and let us know what you think!

Monster Leader
Can raid: No
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes, but all monsters and the monster leader himself must live in the sewage area undergound. Non-monsters are allowed to be KOS if they're down there and if you see a monster down in the sewers, then you may KOS the monster living down there.
Printers/Bitminers: No
Weapon type: Melee
Meth: Yes
Weed: No
Same rules are applied...

Complete Orion DarkRP Drug Guide

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(1. Xanax

(a) Dealer -

(b) How to Produce/Create - Unfortunately there is no video available. Purchase a "Pill Press", "Container", and "Alprazolam" Use your gravity gun and put the container on the bottom of the pill press - Press E while looking at Alprazolam to open/close the bottle. Place the powder on top of the pill press while open to further the process of making Xanax. Once the container reaches 100%, Press E and collect the bags of pills.

(c) How to sell equipment/Xanax -

(2. Lean

(a) Dealer -


(3. Weed

(a) Dealer -

(b) Video -...

The News

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Hello everybody,

Been awhile since I made a post on the announcements as it has been generally left up to Fyre. The news that we have coming is a transition of ownership of Orion. Sicko, myself, and Fyre have discussed in detail about this hand-off for awhile now and Sicko has decided to pass the torch off to both myself and Fyre. In the short term we will not be doing too much differently, especially during the transition, though in the long term we do hope we can not only improve our DarkRP server, but expand into another game-modes in G-Mod of similar sorts to allow for more growth, and opportunities for community members to become more involved with the creativity for Orion.

Though before I go into anything regarding that, we do need to pay a large thanks to Sicko for his continued love for this community. He has been here since the beginning and he is the one who allowed the server to grow to the peak of it's times. Sicko gave me full run of the server for sometime and...

Permanent Weapons - PLEASE SUGGEST

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Today we're going to release "Permanent Weapons" for purchase under the store page. The M4A4 Howl | AWP Dragon Lore currently are the only weapons up for grab, but please suggest some!

Anyone will buy be able to buy them as it will sort by SteamID.

Update 2/20/19

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Hey Orion!

This update is mainly focusing on a potential government rework and introducing Bloods/Crips. With the removal of all Mafia/Gangster jobs, we've added 4 new gangster jobs: Blood Member, Blood Leader, Crip Member, Crip Leader. All of which spawn with lockpicks and the leaders spawn with a Glock-18.


We all know the Bloods and Crips are essentially always at war so, we've implemented an advert called Gang war. They may declare war on the Crips faction if the Crips faction agrees ( OR VICE VERSA) The two factions can raid each-other indefinitely during this time ignoring all forms of NLR, though during this time firefights must be contained to be outside of each factions respected base, there will be no firefights in the center of town. Gang war will last until either party surrenders. (More rules on this soon)


Blood Leader
Can raid: Yes
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes
Printers/Bitminers: Yes

Update Vote!

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Please vote on what you would like to see potentially get added to the server!


Small Update 2/13/19

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Hey Orion!

Unfortunately, no suggestions were added yet... I still haven't had the time to look over every single thread. All though nothing was added yet, please keep suggesting! We love community feedback. Stay tuned for a possible complete government rework as well as 4+ new jobs. I know this is very small but look forward as this is just the beginning.

+ Ubereats was released to every job.

+ Xanax was buffed once again.

Valentines Day Sale! (30% OFF EVERYTHING)

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Happy Valentine's day

Much Love,

Fyre & Orion <3