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    Anyone that donates to another person will have their rank / custom class removed with NO REFUNDS.
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Orion Network

Update! (3/11/19)

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Hey Orion!

We will be adding more addons/scripts onto the server within this week or next week. We've looked at many suggestions and have accepted a bunch. If you do have any more suggestions, please feel free to post them on the suggestions page and we'll look at them! One more thing, expect an economy reset to happen soon or very soon.

The update will be featuring 2 new jobs: Failed Archer and Monster Leader, a new and well-designed map. Read the rest of the update notes to see what else is in store, enjoy the update and let us know what you think!

Monster Leader
Can raid: No
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes, but all monsters and the monster leader himself must live in the sewage area undergound. Non-monsters are allowed to be KOS if they're down there and if you see a monster down in the sewers, then you may KOS the monster living down there.
Printers/Bitminers: No
Weapon type: Melee
Meth: Yes
Weed: No
Same rules are applied...

The News

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Hello everybody,

Been awhile since I made a post on the announcements as it has been generally left up to Fyre. The news that we have coming is a transition of ownership of Orion. Sicko, myself, and Fyre have discussed in detail about this hand-off for awhile now and Sicko has decided to pass the torch off to both myself and Fyre. In the short term we will not be doing too much differently, especially during the transition, though in the long term we do hope we can not only improve our DarkRP server, but expand into another game-modes in G-Mod of similar sorts to allow for more growth, and opportunities for community members to become more involved with the creativity for Orion.

Though before I go into anything regarding that, we do need to pay a large thanks to Sicko for his continued love for this community. He has been here since the beginning and he is the one who allowed the server to grow to the peak of it's times. Sicko gave me full run of the server for sometime and...

Permanent Weapons - PLEASE SUGGEST

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Today we're going to release "Permanent Weapons" for purchase under the store page. The M4A4 Howl | AWP Dragon Lore currently are the only weapons up for grab, but please suggest some!

Anyone will buy be able to buy them as it will sort by SteamID.

Update 2/20/19

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Hey Orion!

This update is mainly focusing on a potential government rework and introducing Bloods/Crips. With the removal of all Mafia/Gangster jobs, we've added 4 new gangster jobs: Blood Member, Blood Leader, Crip Member, Crip Leader. All of which spawn with lockpicks and the leaders spawn with a Glock-18.


We all know the Bloods and Crips are essentially always at war so, we've implemented an advert called Gang war. They may declare war on the Crips faction if the Crips faction agrees ( OR VICE VERSA) The two factions can raid each-other indefinitely during this time ignoring all forms of NLR, though during this time firefights must be contained to be outside of each factions respected base, there will be no firefights in the center of town. Gang war will last until either party surrenders. (More rules on this soon)


Blood Leader
Can raid: Yes
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes
Printers/Bitminers: Yes

Update Vote!

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Please vote on what you would like to see potentially get added to the server!


Small Update 2/13/19

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Hey Orion!

Unfortunately, no suggestions were added yet... I still haven't had the time to look over every single thread. All though nothing was added yet, please keep suggesting! We love community feedback. Stay tuned for a possible complete government rework as well as 4+ new jobs. I know this is very small but look forward as this is just the beginning.

+ Ubereats was released to every job.

+ Xanax was buffed once again.

Valentines Day Sale! (30% OFF EVERYTHING)

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Happy Valentine's day

Much Love,

Fyre & Orion <3

Post a list of things you want added or removed from the server.

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Title. Post a list of what you want added to the server, including past recommendations that we have not tried but that have been suggested, this includes anything from the radio dj jobs and more. @Cyan be around on the weekend to discuss what we will be adding if you can't then tell me the second you see this and when you can. Once I decide on what I want added we will put them in.


Update 2/6/19

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Digging straight into the point -


+ CSGO Style Unboxing with M4A4 Howl + AWP Dragon Lore (!UNBOX) (IT'S BEEN DISABLED FOR NOW... WAITING ON THE RESPONSE FROM THE DEV) The Dragon Lore has been added to the PMD for $1,500,000 until the cases have been fixed.

+ Uber Eats addon (LINK) Reviece food orders and deliver them for money.

+ Guitar (Purchase in F4)

+ Lean production - Craft and sell lean to an NPC or other players. (LINK)


- Playable Piano

- Pianist Job

- Disguise Briefcase

All the following bugs have been fixed:

- Props not disappearing...


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Server currently down for maintenance (apologies)

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Multiple addons are clashing with each other and we're trying to figure it out.

As we know of now, steam auth is working.

Steam is having issues!

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If you can't log onto the server don't worry, steam is experiencing authentication errors.

Cloak Rules

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No mugging/kidnapping with cloak.

If you are found abusing cloak having it translate to your CC or another class, we will remove your rank or CC entirely with no refund.

You can use it while raiding, sure.

Yeah, any questions about specifics let me know, I'll make up more specific rules as it goes.

Staff BLogs questions

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If you have BLog questions, let me or @Frank Castle know and we will do our best to help you out!

Update 1/15/19

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Hey Orion!

Thank you all for the suggestions earlier with this past week, we fiddled with some stuff and have brought an update that we hope will satisfy you all. It is slightly smaller than what I was looking for as we have not found a proper RadioDJ/Theater addon that we would think would be a good fit, but we managed to add in some fun stuff in the meantime. Please continue to suggest things in the future and if you find addons that you'd like to have added, please tell us in suggestions or on this post!


Xanax Addon: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5987

Kevlar Factory: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/6011

DRadio for PD/CP: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5478

Bodygroup updater (Let's you update your model real time, may be glitchy with certain CCs) : https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/1217

Hidden Cameras: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5212

For Staff we have new...

Server is down for maintenance

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^ Title ^

Management Shift - Welcome

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*First off, I'd like to thank Peter for the time and perspective that he brought to the management department. It was a unique but successful technique of taking on everything at once. I'll always be proud of you Peter and I look forward to working with you in a new position*

Please, everyone, give @G-Man a warm welcome as he is now the Official Community Manager for Orion Network. I look truly look forward to working with you <3 GOOD LUCK.

Christmas Update <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS

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- Christmas Update -

Before I get into specifics, I would just like to take some time and thank everyone for another amazing year on Orion - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We plan to "hopefully" expand the Orion name on many platforms within the new year. *STAY HYPED* I know Orion isn't in its "Peak" but we hope to draw your interest back with more intriguing updates that involve game-play. Please suggest here.

+ Gun dealer model switched to Santa model - (USE FOR RP)
+ Snowball Swep (No Damage)
+ Snow has been enabled in-game
+ 40% Off Everything Sale
+ New HUD/Player List Menu

- DarkRP Mayor...

<3 (Actually Important)

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Resignation *NOTE* I'm not leaving the server, I'll still be a higher-up (Co-Owner)

Giving Peter the experience of a lifetime by letting him be the Full-Time Manager for Orion Network *Claps* In all seriousness, I'll still be around helping out with everything.

Thank you for the amazing two years,

I love you all.


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