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    If you are donating with steam funds, you must contact SICKO GREED.
    Anyone that donates to another person will have their rank / custom class removed with NO REFUNDS.
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Orion Network

Rule Clarification.

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We're updating the basing rules to clear all the confusion.

+ Both parties can wallbang. (NOT THROUGH ONE-WAYS)
+ You cannot look through a one-way, have a visual on the raider and wallbang through a prop.
+ Raiders must be able to have a chance to deal damage.

- Raiders must be able to see you at all times while you are shooting at them, and they also must be able to shoot back, with a chance of dealing damage.


If you don't get the example, you cannot do that.


In need of Staff!

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Hello, Orion community! we are currently short on staff and that means the server can get VERY chaotic during the day. If you would like to apply please do so under the "Apply for Staff" thread on the forums :)

All the normal requirements still apply!


2. You must have over 40 hours on the server. If found to be AFK'ed hours, A permanent ban will be issued.
3. Do not promote your staff application on the server, this includes TeamSpeak. Doing so will result in an instant deny.
4. A paragraph is 4-5 sentences, not a run on sentence. If you use under two sentences to describe why we should choose you, your app might get ignored/denied.

Disrespect and other stuff

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Just a reminder, this isn't an official statement on the situation. My word is as useless as a dead dog. Please do not take this as what the server actually thinks as a whole, I'm trying to use what power I have to unite the server again.

As most of you have seen lately, there has been an increase of "disrespect" on the server. Although I haven't seen it personally, I feel like something should be said about it. In my eyes I feel like everyone has overreacted, like usual, about this disrespect shit. Yes of course, we need to make the server a friendly and fun environment for everyone. However we cannot just rip freedom of speech and expression from our playerbase.

We also cannot change the thoughts and opinions that our players have about each other, other servers, etc. But, when it goes over a certain point, such as doxxing, ddosing, nonstop harassment, then I feel we're (at least I am)...

Old map is back.

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As the holidays wind down and the new year begins we are now going back to the old map. The server will be down for a short time why we set everything up and re-do the Perma props and safe zone. Sorry to everyone who liked this map more but we cant keep it :)

Happy new year Orion 2018!

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2017 was a bizarre year for Orion, not just the staff but the players too. I don't have much to say so,

Happy new year!

Orion & Fyre.


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This is a random request. Though I have considered getting a VR headset and playing VRchat. Though I am wondering if anybody knows how to do custom playermodels so they could make me a happy mask salesman model for that game. It's a strange request but if anybody is well versed in it, lemme know.

The reign of Bong

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Fyre is currently going to be busy from this point to sometime after Christmas with family and other personal things. Albino is already my absent uncle so any Staff-related or Managment issues bring to me as Fyre/Albino will most likely not answer or be able to help.