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    If you are donating with steam funds, you must contact SICKO GREED.
    Anyone that donates to another person will have their rank / custom class removed with NO REFUNDS.
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    Our Teamspeak IP is ts.orion.network

Orion Network

Staff Applications.

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Staff Applications - (In need)
-=Apply here=-

It's that time of the year again... Joking aside, Orion is seeking suitable applicants that have experience, ambition, and most importantly, the correct amount of hours. Don't forget that all rules still apply. If you have any questions feel free to PM @Fyre or @Bong *THIS DOESNT MEAN SPAM THEM*

Server downtime.

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Our DarkRP server is currently being hit with a large DDOS attack. We will try to the the server back up as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience!

New Discord Server

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Hopefully this goes well.

Today we are introducing our new Discord server! This is for easier access to the whole community, because not many people have or understand teamspeak. This will allow the community to interact with each other more efficiently.



Please be sure to read the rules we have in the #rules text-channel once you join.

Discord isn't replacing teamspeak.

All staff members must join.


Cars are back!

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Cars have been fixed and have been added back into the server.
You will still have your cars you've previously purchased.

insert clever title here

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Fyre is on a camping trip for a week, come to me for whatever you need and if I'm not here, Shoxi-e, Kawaii, and Tails are here as well.


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Due to a reoccurring issue with VCMod, it has been disabled as of now.

VCMod will be back up and running when we figure out the issue.


Family Shared accounts

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If you play on a family shared account please start a conversation with either me or @Fyre and we will whitelist your SteamID. Be sure to include the link to the account you will be family sharing from, and the link to the account you will be using.

**Only whitelisting accounts that do not own gmod but familyshares gmod from another account.

Get Slap City

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We get enough people to get Slap City on Steam, we can have tournaments.

Issues registering accounts fixed.

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The issue of not being able to register accounts has been fixed. There was a problem with our Captcha.


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If you haven't noticed, the "Dog Bite" Swep has been added to the Dog class.


*Do not SPAM the bark feature*

*Only bite if attacked*

Very small, simple update.

New Loading Screen

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Orion Network Mini Update

- Added New Loading Screen
(Made by Cyan)

Mini Update

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View attachment 1371

Orion Network Mini Update!

+More Materials
+Increased Thief/Hacker slots
Realistic Kidnap System added to Abductor/Kidnapper


-Permanently removed Jackpot script
-Temporarily disabled CSGO UNBOXING
-Temporarily disabled Thermal Imager

(Note that RSHIFT is the current surrender key)

People with custom tags on forums.

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There was a little miscommunication with the higher ups.
When you donate for the package "CUSTOM TITLE - VIRTUAL ITEM" you are donating for a CUSTOM TITLE IN-GAME, not the forums.
ANYONE with a custom tag on the forums besides @Juan , @TheAstra , @Vexper ,and High Staff. Please comment down below.


CC Updates

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As of now we are no longer accepting "Government" CCs
All classes that are currently "Government" CCs will have their "Government" status removed next time CCs are added in.

This was a decision made by myself and Fyre.

Important information regarding SteamIDs

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When making a CC application/ Staff application DO NOT use https://steamidfinder.com . It gives the wrong SteamID!
Instead use https://steamid.io .

Economy Reset Live! (SMALL UPDATES)

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DarkRP Economy reset is live and ready to go! The new starting money is $100,000, good luck and have fun grinding. (IF YOU INVENTORIED MONEY, WE WILL RESET IT ACCORDINGLY)



Orion Jeopardy Event!

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View attachment 1226

I've been slaving away behind the scenes to bring you an awesome NSFW and probably PTSD inducing content.
I hope all of you enjoy and sign up!

April 7th 2018 at 7pm PST

How do I sign up?:
Comment down below "I'm ready to play!" along with your rank on the server. (I.E mod,encrypted,user,etc.)



No cheating. Try your best to just answer the questions and not look anything up

Don’t be an asshole. Play the game and have fun

Don’t talk over one another

Don’t mess with the Game hosts control panel

and Of Course...Have some sense.

Have FUN!!!

There will be 3 Teams consisting of 3 people (or more it depends)

Team Structure:
One new player/less known
One staff member
Anyone else
Quick Tease :3...​

Situation on CCs

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Starting from today I am going to be doing CCs again.

The CCs Sub-Forum has been locked and will stay locked until I finish up the backlogged CCs that are still incomplete.

I will do them as many times as I can each week.

If there are any questions or concerns pleas ask them below.

Please don't post anything unrelated to this thread.

DarkRP Economy reset.

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Orion will be getting an economy reset soon. Cars/Inventories will stay. Starting cash will be $100,000. Before this is official, we want your opinion/feedback on this reset so, please comment down below.

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