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    If you are donating with steam funds, you must contact SICKO GREED.
    Anyone that donates to another person will have their rank / custom class removed with NO REFUNDS.
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Orion Network

CC Updates

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As of now we are no longer accepting "Government" CCs
All classes that are currently "Government" CCs will have their "Government" status removed next time CCs are added in.

This was a decision made by myself and Fyre.

Important information regarding SteamIDs

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When making a CC application/ Staff application DO NOT use https://steamidfinder.com . It gives the wrong SteamID!
Instead use https://steamid.io .

Economy Reset Live! (SMALL UPDATES)

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DarkRP Economy reset is live and ready to go! The new starting money is $100,000, good luck and have fun grinding. (IF YOU INVENTORIED MONEY, WE WILL RESET IT ACCORDINGLY)



Orion Jeopardy Event!

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View attachment 1226

I've been slaving away behind the scenes to bring you an awesome NSFW and probably PTSD inducing content.
I hope all of you enjoy and sign up!

April 7th 2018 at 7pm PST

How do I sign up?:
Comment down below "I'm ready to play!" along with your rank on the server. (I.E mod,encrypted,user,etc.)



No cheating. Try your best to just answer the questions and not look anything up

Don’t be an asshole. Play the game and have fun

Don’t talk over one another

Don’t mess with the Game hosts control panel

and Of Course...Have some sense.

Have FUN!!!

There will be 3 Teams consisting of 3 people (or more it depends)

Team Structure:
One new player/less known
One staff member
Anyone else
Quick Tease :3...​

Situation on CCs

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Starting from today I am going to be doing CCs again.

The CCs Sub-Forum has been locked and will stay locked until I finish up the backlogged CCs that are still incomplete.

I will do them as many times as I can each week.

If there are any questions or concerns pleas ask them below.

Please don't post anything unrelated to this thread.

DarkRP Economy reset.

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Orion will be getting an economy reset soon. Cars/Inventories will stay. Starting cash will be $100,000. Before this is official, we want your opinion/feedback on this reset so, please comment down below.

hotties sick music video


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Can raid: Yes
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes
Printers/Bitminers: Yes
Drugs: No
Weapon type: AK-47 ONLY/ EXPLOSIVES

As Terrorist, you can advert "terror" every 15 minutes. Once you call terror, you can kill everyone in sight but you are also KOS.

Radio DJ | User+
Can raid: No
Can mug: No
Can kidnap: No
Can base: Yes
Printers/Bitminers: Yes
Drugs: Yes
Weapon type: Any

Armor Dealer | User+
Can raid: No
Can mug: No
Can kidnap: No
Can base: Yes
Printers/Bitminers: Yes
Drugs: Yes
Weapon type: Any

Added Weapons m9k_striker12 , m9k_sl8 , m9k_m1918bar , m9k_tec9 for purchase.

Firearm Trafficker: m9k_striker12
Private Miltary Dealer: m9k_sl8 , m9k_m1918bar
Gun Dealer: m9k_tec9


Lottery jackpot was...

Addressing the Rumors

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Hello again!

Mr.Resignation has arrived! I am making this post due to recent events!

Though to give you all a pretense. As I said I am completely resigned from Orion Network, though I told Fyre I would maintain a part of the higher up chats via snapchat to slowly disembody myself from the server. Though back to the reason I am here. There are rumors that are being spread attempting to place the higher staff, specifically Fyre, Cyan, and Bong in a bad light. These rumors are entirely that, just rumors. Much of this is due to bad blood between the gossip spreader, and the staff members involved. Of course I myself cannot divulge information that is heavily placed on this topic on a open forum, as I don't believe it is something that is very professional, though those of you that have questions about this drama and know about the drama itself, please feel free to contact me and I will be willing to explain the full situation if you have doubts in the validity of my statements...

Official Wiremod Rules

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View attachment 1011

-These rules are subject to change at any time. As always staff has the final say. If you have a question or concern ask a higher up​

1. E2's are NOT allowed whatsoever. The use of them is subject to a kick. (ADV dupe e2's included)

2. Trails or appearance changing devices are not allowed. (Causes lag and is easy to abuse)

3. Bright flashing lights or "eye-rape" of any kind are not allowed.

4. Wire-Thrusters are allowed purely for decoration, however, limit yourself to a max of 2. (I.E Campfire)

5. Sound emitters are allowed as long as they are not blasting throughout the server or are being used to minge. Don't ear-rape. (Base alarm for those who are inside the building being raided)

6. The use of turrets for ANY reason is not allowed.

7. The use of any "drone-like" devices to target a player are not allowed. This includes changing a targeted...


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im back.


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So, really I'm just taking a break from the server. Specifically from the manager position. I have personal "shit" going on that doesn't need to get tied into the server. I'll still be on TS and everything.

Until I create a returning thread, goto @Bong @Soshi

Thank you.


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View attachment 983

Orion Network TTT

After a few weeks of work the Orion TTT server is officially up, and ready. Enjoy! <3


Apply For Staff: (LINK)

Rules: (LINK)

Donate: (LINK)

Orion TTT

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View attachment 977

Orion Network has branched out into TTT

Yes, we're in the midst of developing a Trouble In Terrorist Town server. The official server will be up within a few weeks. I look forward to playing TTT with the community!


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Well here we are once again, this post is going to be a fairly large one and I am sure I will miss out on quite a bit when it comes to giving people the shout-outs they deserve.

With this message I will be taking a permanent departure from the Orion community and allow it to be passed down to the newer generation. When I first came to this server it was small, or small in comparison to what it was today. I came as a Roleplayer, purchased my CC within 3 hours of being on the server, and then took on the persona of the Happy Mask Salesman. As time continued on, I decided to apply for T-Mod while being in character, getting the position. Only a month later I had become admin, and then eventually the position I had up until this date. My time on Orion has been one that I have been honored to have, one that allowed me near full control to grow something which would benefit the users of the the server. Anywhere from my complete staff purges...

Management Updates.

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View attachment 956

Shoxie or "Soshi" Is officially the new Asst. Manager for Orion Network.

Anyhow, congratulations on my behalf and the rest of the higher up staff. I truly look forward to working with you. Get ready to learn the ropes, don't fuck up. <3

Forum Update

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We've upgraded our forums to Xenforo 2.0. We're still going to fidget with the forums over the next few days, as it's not 100% completed.


If logo shows up as IPBee you need to reset you image cache. IF YOURE USING CHROME DO CTRL+SHIFT+DEL AND ONLY SELECT IMAGE CACHE, CLEAR.

Rule Clarification.

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We're updating the basing rules to clear all the confusion.

+ Both parties can wallbang. (NOT THROUGH ONE-WAYS)
+ You cannot look through a one-way, have a visual on the raider and wallbang through a prop.
+ Raiders must be able to have a chance to deal damage.

- Raiders must be able to see you at all times while you are shooting at them, and they also must be able to shoot back, with a chance of dealing damage.


If you don't get the example, you cannot do that.


In need of Staff!

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Hello, Orion community! we are currently short on staff and that means the server can get VERY chaotic during the day. If you would like to apply please do so under the "Apply for Staff" thread on the forums :)

All the normal requirements still apply!


2. You must have over 40 hours on the server. If found to be AFK'ed hours, A permanent ban will be issued.
3. Do not promote your staff application on the server, this includes TeamSpeak. Doing so will result in an instant deny.
4. A paragraph is 4-5 sentences, not a run on sentence. If you use under two sentences to describe why we should choose you, your app might get ignored/denied.

Disrespect and other stuff

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Just a reminder, this isn't an official statement on the situation. My word is as useless as a dead dog. Please do not take this as what the server actually thinks as a whole, I'm trying to use what power I have to unite the server again.

As most of you have seen lately, there has been an increase of "disrespect" on the server. Although I haven't seen it personally, I feel like something should be said about it. In my eyes I feel like everyone has overreacted, like usual, about this disrespect shit. Yes of course, we need to make the server a friendly and fun environment for everyone. However we cannot just rip freedom of speech and expression from our playerbase.

We also cannot change the thoughts and opinions that our players have about each other, other servers, etc. But, when it goes over a certain point, such as doxxing, ddosing, nonstop harassment, then I feel we're (at least I am)...