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Recent content by Albino707

  1. Albino707

    Song Removal

    I have a set of songs I intend on replacing them with. Low to no lyrics in it and will be more chill for a soundtrack. Something that can play on the background without much issue
  2. Albino707

    Tadaaaaaa photo

  3. Albino707

    Brawlhalla Orion Tourney

    I just hope the fights last a long time since it I get out at 5 it will still take me and hour to 2 hours to get home
  4. Albino707

    Brawlhalla Orion Tourney

    :) I like the confidence
  5. Albino707

    Brawlhalla Orion Tourney

    Oh no I was apologizing that you had to pair with me :D
  6. Albino707

    Brawlhalla Orion Tourney

    @PillowBurger I am sorry.... I’ll also be home around 6-7 depending on traffic since I get off at 5
  7. Albino707

    Cloak Rules

    Title. No mugging/kidnapping with cloak. If you are found abusing cloak having it translate to your CC or another class, we will remove your rank or CC entirely with no refund. You can use it while raiding, sure. Yeah, any questions about specifics let me know, I'll make up more specific...
  8. Albino707

    Ban Appeal

    Unban him
  9. Albino707


    That’s a big PM...
  10. Albino707

    Dear God please.

    We will work on lowering the radius on it
  11. Albino707

    Uber SurvoFuision's T-Mod App

    denied. Apply at a later date
  12. Albino707

    Staff BLogs questions

    @Fyre @Cyan Also message me whenever, I have a list of some exploitable stuff from what we added and want to discuss rules for some of the new stuff for us to add to our rulebook.
  13. Albino707

    Staff BLogs questions

    If you have BLog questions, let me or @Frank Castle know and we will do our best to help you out!
  14. Albino707

    Cameras v2?

    We just added the new cameras and will be using those for the time being as the UI for them is really fun.
  15. Albino707

    Update 1/15/19

    Hey Orion! Thank you all for the suggestions earlier with this past week, we fiddled with some stuff and have brought an update that we hope will satisfy you all. It is slightly smaller than what I was looking for as we have not found a proper RadioDJ/Theater addon that we would think would be...