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Recent content by Albino707

  1. Albino707

    Mayor Election

    I did a thing
  2. Albino707

    Mayor Election

  3. Albino707

    Formal Resignation.

    Seeya kid
  4. Albino707

    Zoee's Staff App!!!!!

    You want a go at it as well?
  5. Albino707

    Zoee's Staff App!!!!!

    If she fucks up, she may as well be barred from ever becoming staff. :) I like to think of it as a gamble, how good of a mood am I in, how can you improve it, and how can you prove to me you are worth staff.
  6. Albino707

    Zoee's Staff App!!!!!

    If you can survive an interview with me, you can become staff. :)
  7. Albino707

    The Prophets Return... Albino's Return.

    Now, you have to ask really really nicely and persuade me
  8. Albino707

    The Prophets Return... Albino's Return.

    Joking, saw you kids doing something called, "click baiting" and I was very interested in trying it myself. I am very much enjoying my long naps and wine, so I will not actually be returning.
  9. Albino707

    Orion League of Legends Tournament

  10. Albino707

    Orion Memez V

  11. Albino707

    Kdude's staff app

  12. Albino707

    One King that rules all

    "Your pockets look heavy, let me welcome you to a land which can relieve that."
  13. Albino707

    Its Been A Good Run

    See ya kid
  14. Albino707

    My first time joining orion.

    Joined, thought since lag was minimal it was cool. Liked the Custom Classes, purchased one while I never spoke once before on the server. Role played as the Happy Mask Salesman, took over the server. The end