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  1. Albino707

    For real this time. adiós! :)

    Welcome to the old man club. It is a place where we all just sit around and talk about how we used to be something
  2. Albino707

    ~ UPDATE ~

    You don’t say...
  3. Albino707

    ~ UPDATE ~

    @Fyre good job kiddo
  4. Albino707

    Personality Types.

    LOGICIAN (INTP-A) The Logician personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. Logicians pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their...
  5. Albino707

    Cheeki's Moderator Application V2

  6. Albino707


    Butter me up
  7. Albino707


    @Fyre get my popcorn
  8. Albino707

    I like rainbows

    I like rainbows
  9. Albino707

    Kawaii's Mega Suggestion

    Also add 1 extra "Tank" slot for the tank class
  10. Albino707

    duckie - Media Player

    Get your big bro shroud to shoutout our server then I'll +1 ~.0
  11. Albino707

    Rewards program

    VIP system wouldn't work, as having it automated for time on the server would probably require a script and could easily fuck up and just give perm VIP to people regardless of time spent on the server. Old system worked well with people spending XP earned over time on things such as armor...
  12. Albino707

    Cheeki's Moderator Application

  13. Albino707

    CridentX Ban Appeal

    Yeah no. Real talk, denied
  14. Albino707

    CridentX Ban Appeal

    This guy made me giggle, +1
  15. Albino707

    Wiwo's Staff Application

    -1 until you can beat me at Slap City