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    If you are donating with steam funds, you must contact SICKO GREED.
    Anyone that donates to another person will have their rank / custom class removed with NO REFUNDS.
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    Our Teamspeak IP is ts.orion.network

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  • Depression at a all time high, Don't know how much more i can push threw...
    Tails is a furry
    ~Pillow 2018
    @MadMuffintops 23:27:47 - [Trial-Mod]trialmodlegendaryMadMuffintops banned steamid STEAM_0:1:128828103 for 5 weeks (Mass RDM, Minge, NITRP, Staff Dis | 5 Weeks | MadMuffintops, Bubba | Apeal atorion.Network (he put apply at orion.network the first 8 times)
    Brazy: “Lit you cant even find me”
    Lit: “Im not even on the server”
    Brazy: “Then who the fuck did I just shoot”
    ~Brazy 2018
    How is everyone on this fine night, I legit just found out about orions dark theme XD
    Life's pretty dull -__-
    Looking back on my old posts, I was actually a weeaboo XD
    just want to apologize for the shit ive done in the past thanks for the second chance fyre, albino, sicko
    She said do you love me i tell her only partly i only love my bed and my momma i`m sorry.
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