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  • also happy easter
    happy late 4/20 folks hope you all got medicated!!!
    Lots of old men now...
    I miss you dude.
    Happy birthday bb
    Happy bday grom. #boyzupdate #pulltrig
    tmmw is my birthday folks gonna be 16
    Happy early birthday Lube!
    miss the good ol days.
    Dawn of Man is a great game that just came out on steam. Get it
    Yeeew got promoted to the B team at Custom X! Semi Pro bodyboarder dream!
    BOYZ UPDATE: Drinking a kirkland purified water with minerals added for taste. 500ml (16.9 FL OZ)
    Skyrim together is out, if you have it add me: Grizzly
    I think this is gonna be the long sleep now. Probs gonna cutback on the pc and spend sometime rethinking my life/goals. It was a good time here, and maybe someday when I'm ready ill return. Farewell, and the final boyz update...

    Likes: Lube!
    Frank Castle
    Frank Castle
    You'll always be welcomed back Lube. Don't ever be afraid to come back to this community, it's much stronger and closer than quite a few in my opinion and experience. When you return, we will be here. Good luck with your life, and know you are an awesome person who should be proud of who you are, and what you ultimately choose to do.
    Likes: Lube!
    Life has been so busy boys, fuck man.
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