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  • Well guys, this is gonna be the final boyz update. Im glad I got to spend 7 months of my life. im gonna miss this shit. fuckin love all you real boyz.
    also happy easter
    happy late 4/20 folks hope you all got medicated!!!
    Lots of old men now...
    I miss you dude.
    Happy birthday bb
    Happy bday grom. #boyzupdate #pulltrig
    tmmw is my birthday folks gonna be 16
    Happy early birthday Lube!
    miss the good ol days.
    Dawn of Man is a great game that just came out on steam. Get it
    Yeeew got promoted to the B team at Custom X! Semi Pro bodyboarder dream!
    BOYZ UPDATE: Drinking a kirkland purified water with minerals added for taste. 500ml (16.9 FL OZ)
    Skyrim together is out, if you have it add me: Grizzly
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