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Naruto Uchiha

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  • Hey just wanted to update on you guys, it’s been a while but I’ve been leading my own squad and we work as a great team <3 I really miss you guys
    I love all of Orion and I will miss being a staff member and working with my fellow staff members.
    I have return, time to make my come back like soulja boy
    It’s been a long run being a staff member since I joined, and I expect to keep on helping out the server. Happy New Years 2019
    I just wanted to say to everyone happy New Years, I wanna to begin thanking the higher ups on giving my the chance on staffing on Orion. I feel really dedicated to get to know lots of different people and if it’s either solving or helping problems I always finds the right solution. When I first joined Orion I saw the old servers I used to staff on, and I always missed being apart of a team full of responsibilities.
    Also I may move the date of the gladiator event if it doesn't go well.
    join the gladiator event!
    I did sign up, but just to let you know, I might not be there. (lmao you should've posted this a while ago cuz Christmas is tom. )
    You guys know both the rapist and serial killer has the N word in the description of the job?
    Wait what? You didn't tell me you got promoted!

    Congrats Naruto!
    Congratulations again and again for becoming S-Mod. :)
    I know I congratulated you ingame, but I just want to say it again here, you are a great person and a great staff member <3
    Yeah buddy! Senior mod is fun, hope you enjoy it!
    I just got 1st place on streaks
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