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Grey's Staff Application
Name: Grey (Jermaine)
Age: 21
Hours on server: Gametracker doesn't have old Orion, but it was at least 500 because I made a thank you post on the old forums.
Do you have a mic: Yayuh
Are you in the Discord Server: Yayuh
Recommended by, if anyone: N/A
"Fyre banned Themself permanently"
"na, i dont fuck with no bitches no more." - AutoPilot
"[Admin] [Cunt] JLGCuntBoy11: i highkey wanna fuck james charles"
"[Admin] [Cunt] JLGCuntBoy11: i always jerk off during staff meetings"
"[Admin] Jermaine Lamarr Cole: whats a word that starts with P and ends with edophile?"
"!bring Albino" ~Bubba

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