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Tobeinafrica's Staff Application
Steam Name:  Tobeinafrica
Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:66375627
Age:  20
Hours on the server:  42069
Do you have a mic:  Yes

Why do you think you should be staff: 
I've been playing on Orion for ages and would like to help bring it back.

Recommended by (N/A if no one):  N/A
-1 "Junior Member"

+1 great community member and is enthusiastic about re launch.
"Fyre banned Themself permanently"
"na, i dont fuck with no bitches no more." - AutoPilot
"[Admin] [Cunt] JLGCuntBoy11: i highkey wanna fuck james charles"
"[Admin] [Cunt] JLGCuntBoy11: i always jerk off during staff meetings"
"[Admin] Jermaine Lamarr Cole: whats a word that starts with P and ends with edophile?"
"!bring Albino" ~Bubba

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