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The Λ???? ✞'s Staff Application
Steam Name:  The Λ???? ✞
Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:87219580
Age:  21
Hours on the server:  N/A
Do you have a mic:  Yes

Why do you think you should be staff: 
Been a staff member here before a long time ago for also a long time. My second ever Gmod staff server and definitely my favorite Gmod server at the time and to be honest after all these years probably still my favorite just because of the community and how memorable everyone I met was. Previously on this server, I have been a T-mod, Mod, and an S-mod. I've had a lot of experience with staffing on this server with how many hours I dumped into it a long time ago and would love to be part of the team again/a reason to play gmod again!

i send luv to all the homies if yall still remember me :')

Recommended by (N/A if no one):  n/a
wait idk why my names hella messed and says i posted as guest ~_~ sorri for confusion
+1 OG Player, never had any problems with you and all-around great player to talk with.
"Fyre banned Themself permanently"
"na, i dont fuck with no bitches no more." - AutoPilot
"[Admin] [Cunt] JLGCuntBoy11: i highkey wanna fuck james charles"
"[Admin] [Cunt] JLGCuntBoy11: i always jerk off during staff meetings"
"[Admin] Jermaine Lamarr Cole: whats a word that starts with P and ends with edophile?"
"!bring Albino" ~Bubba

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