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Question for Organization rulings.
1) For creating an Organization, and recruiting new members. What is the intended way for a leader to acquire new members if advert is not allowed? Is it ok to go up to them in game and ask in VC or text chat if they would be interested? Is it only limited to people I'm suddenly talking to in discord? Just wanting to make sure, so I'd be adhering to the rule not using advert to recruit members.

2) In terms of "raid lists" for organizations targeting players or organizations. Does this mean no RP related wars are allowed. Not saying like an organization war, but say the leaders or the organizations have something rp-related leading to a small rp disagreement. Nothing actually bad or game breaking, but say one organization successfully raided/attempted to raid a few organization members. Are we allowed to agree to an organization war, where we could recommend to fellow members to raid players of a certain organization? Not in anyway meant to break another's experience, but just follow an RP sense, if that makes sense?

3) About organization, and what's classified as an event. I know it states organization events, but what is considered an event. If I am talking to some of my org members during the week about say a little training program, or a fun little org get together and activity or something are those considered events? Even if it's just a small thing that takes a little bit of time, and is just meant for them and for us. Or if say I wanted to see if a couple people we're someone I wanted into my organization, and I wanted to do a little in-game skills test to see if they're fit for it, is that or allowed or considered an event?

4) Lastly, one of my features I had when I originally had an Organization in old Orion. I use to run an Organization called Punishment, and one of the parts of my group was a daily wage. If I was on and saw a person of my group on at least once that day, or they could send me a photo of them being on that day to verify for their daily wage I'd pay that. Is that still allowed or is that not allowed under some other variant not quite specified. And I also used payment as part of when say: two org members helped each other in basing and they both got a bonus, or mugging one of our organization enemies they got a bonus too. Is that not allowed now, or is that ok as long as it's not contributing to any shape or form of RDM, and ruining the game for other players?

Sorry for the long post, and anyone who did go through it, thank you for taking the time.
1) When I was writing the rules covering this, I was hoping to incite player interaction while also limiting reasons to advert to lower the amount of chat spam. So in practice: The intended way to recruit new org members is to go up to them in-game and ask them to join, or have RP situations where players can apply for it. So recruitment is limited to in-game/RP situations or external sources like Discord only. But in-game recruitment will always be preferred, just not strictly enforced.

2) I don't see why that shouldn't be allowed as long as it is not ruining anyone's RP experience. At the end of the day, we want people to have fun. So if some petty disagreements or other minor RP grudges are good drama to RP over, then the rules will be modified accordingly. But if it gets out of hand (large percentage of the server population is actively participating and it's getting toxic) or if we get reports of targetting/salty players, then staff will intervene. As that would be creating a toxic/harmful environment for other players.

3) I do not see any reason why we should disallow orgs from creating in-game only RP events. As long as it is related to the org. What we don't want is orgs hosting server-wide events that involve giving people guns/roles and violating server rules for the sake of recreating different game modes. That is delegated to our Event Manager as he has specific permissions just for that.

4) There are currently no rules covering this exact scenario but I don't see why we shouldn't allow organizations to implement mini economies/reward payment systems as long as it doesn't
A: Abuse any money glitches/exploits.
B: Incite, encourage to, or reward players for, breaking any server rules.
C: Diminish anyone's roleplay experience.
We can just allow it for now and if we find a problem with it later we will let everyone in the org know with no punishments.

Autopilot/Fyre might have some things they want to add to this discussion or touch on from my response but otherwise let us know if you have any more questions about the rules as we don't really know how well the rules are going to cover actual roleplay yet. So we definitely appreciate your feedback!
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