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yeg's REAL Staff Application
Hello to all, and to all I wish a good day. As a few of you may know I've already posted an application already, but took it nonchalantly and quite unprofessional -- and do apologize for those of you who are first acquainting themselves with me to have this first impression to be my competence. 
So I'd like to make up for my buffoonery and post my proper and real application.

Steam Name:  yeg / yegmiester
Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:2365319
Age:  23 (07/01/1999)
Hours on the server:  06/2017- 02/2019 / 17 hours since launch
Do you have a mic:  Yes

Why do you think you should be staff: 
I should be chosen for this position due to my dedication and devotion towards Orion’s community. I believe I have quite a strong knowledge and understanding of the rules of Garry's Mod servers - Orion included. I know how to handle a majority of situations quickly and efficiently in a professional manner and have observed and learned how current staff members deal with situations specific to the server. In addition, I'm a friendly person. I'm never too strict, but also never too lenient, striking a balance that allows players to have their situations dealt with fairly. As an administrator, I take careful actions to avoid any bias in my decision making and handling of situations. Regardless of who is involved, whether it be friends or not, I treat everyone as equals. Not only do I play with close friends on a regular basis, but I have also befriended many users, as well as reconvened with a few old friends in the short timespan that I have played since launch. My various administrative experiences from past servers has given me the ability to deal with situations in a fast yet efficient manner while also freeing the community of those who wish to ruin the fun for others. My goal as a staff member is to provide a helping hand to the server by lessening the stress and workload on other staff members during my times of break from work. 

Past experience with staffing servers: 8 Years of Administration experience.
Retired Vice-CEO of [TTT]OuterspaceGaming
Retired Administrator of [TTT]TwistedAsylumGaming
Retired Super-Admin of [DarkRP] Digital Delta Gaming
Retired Head-Coder of [TTT] EclipseTTT
Former Co-Owner of [TTT]SwagGaming (discontinued)
Former Admin of [DarkRP] UrbanGamers
Former Chat-Mod of [Discord]Discord Dungeons(Discord RPG)
Former Admin of [DarkRP] OrionNetwork

Recommended by (N/A if no one):  N/A
Respectfully, I don't remember you having been an admin at one point, but it could've been a time I had been away from Orion. Anyways, the reformed more serious staff app shows potential to be better and actually want to help Orion. So I'm willing to put a first foot forward and give it a +1
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