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<3 (Actually Important)


Congrats @PISTOL PETER You've got a strong legacy to follow, my friend. I have faith you'll take up the mantle just fine and do the best you can.
When things get tough don't let it wear you down, that is what all of us are for. Lean on us when you need to and take breaks when you're feeling overwhelmed. I know I would need it from time to time if I were in your shoes

@Fyre It's going to be nice to relax and enjoy the game without having to worry about as much constantly pulling you out of what you are doing. Congrats on your (sort of) retirement. You've exceeded all of my expectations, helped forge the server into a real community, and made me proud.

Cheers to you both


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He's just Manager, I'm the Co-Owner lol. But yeah, I wonder what the server would be like if he didn't apply :oops:
are you still going to participate in the server, like accepting or denying applications and being a higher-up? Or are you turning into sicko? Good luck man;


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are you still going to participate in the server, like accepting or denying applications and being a higher-up? Or are you turning into sicko? Good luck man;
Yes, I'm still going to participate.


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To follow my "Resignation Post", I'm going to follow it up with a thank you, but... It will only contain a selective few that have either helped me become a better person, or was consistently there throughout my run. I'm not perfect, but where we go.PS: I've never thanked someone publicly like this, so take it easy on me. <3

-= Albino, Bong, Sicko, Righty, and 8B1T =-

@Righty : I genuinely don't know where to start off. I'm sure a lot of you are questioning why I'm thanking a moderator, but Righty is more than just one of my staff members. If you didn't know, Righty was my first friend on this server and to look back at everything we've been through, I'm more than pleased. Basing in the exact spot for weeks straight right when we got home from school, ganging up on Gwinn, and just hanging out regardless if we were on the server or not. Most importantly, I'm sorry... I should have never demoted you for a simple mistake. In the end, I'm very grateful to cherish these memories with you and I hope to see you climb up here with me one day.

@Albino707 : I've written over 4 thank you notes for Albino and it's getting extremely difficult to make these without sounding repetitive. I'm more than proud to say that you've definitely taken part in making the person I am today, for that, I am more than thankful. One of the many few I can consider a friend, and most importantly trust. I know this is short, but I'm sure you know how thankful I really am. <3

@Bong : Welcome back. Sorry? did I spoil something? In all seriousness, you are the star to my sky... The butter to my bread... we practically finish each other's sentences at this point. Words cannot describe the emotional impact you've had on my life whether it's the server or personal circumstances. Most importantly, not only did you bleed with me through everything, you were there *ALL THE TIME* to either support or comfort me through stressful times on the server. You're the true definition of a real one. I know we're slowly starting to grow apart. but just know that I will forever cherish absolutely everything that we shared or will share in the future. Safe to say that I love this man to death.

8B1T: Short and sweet. If you want the real person who made me think twice about my actions, this is the fucking guy. It was like a constant civil war between us, but I truly think those pointless scraps helped us become better individuals for the future. I miss you man. I know you won't see this BUT IF YOU DO messasge me on steam.

@sicko greed : I find it funny how close we've become after only sharing a professional relationship with you since the dawn of time. Real talk, I know we've only been consistently talking for about fourish months now, but I finally feel like I'm at home on Orion. Sicko is probably the most genuine person I have ever met, doesn't beat around the bush and gets straight to the point. Which is something I love about you because it proves that you value honesty as I do too. Unfortunately, that's not all. I'm extremely thankful for the long conversations that we share... it makes me feel safe to vent and explain my true feelings and I know you'll always be available for that which makes it feel even better. To sum it all up, it proves that we have each others back server wise or not. I'm happy we're partners Sicko, because if it was anyone else I'd be long gone. I love you man.

To the people I've fucked over: I'm sorry.

That's about it. Thank you for reading! <3


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8Bit blew me up more then cyan rip the good old days


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Does this mean I can get unbanned now?? Lol jk

Love you dad 😘