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Allow CC's to Murder


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Type (Website, In-game) - In-game
Suggestion - Allow CC's to murder
How will it benefit the server - Its annoying that your not allowed to murder as a CC, I pay 50$ and I can't murder so I have to go to a class that can. If we allow CC's to murder it will make the 50$ people spend actually be able to use their CC for all most everything, besides PD stuff and shops for guns and all that.
Link (if needed) - None


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LOL, are you still that salty on this my dude?

Edit: I'll be serious and say -1


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-1 This would be easily abused/minged with. Monsters are already a pain because they more often then not not follow the rules with Murder. Just No.


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This is why I want to refund my CC but I can't because of rules


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No. Denied

I don't even want the rank, I just want to get the money back. Server is honestly pretty boring.
That’s simply your opinion and the donation TOS is something we have to maintain for all players equally to avoid giving somebody special treatment.