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Auto perm banned for hacking?? I didn't do anything, i'm a donator

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GN: Kitchen Gun

SteamID: 76561198223519024

Banned By: (Console)

Reason: Cheating

Duration: Perm

Why I feel I Should Be Unbanned: I didn't do anything. I asked my friend if I could test this shotgun damage on him, I shot him and it killed him, I killed him like two times before that, after I killed him I was instantly banned. I didn't donate to be perm banned for something that I absolutely did not do, you can even check logs and see that I was banned right after I shot him.
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I was playing with a friend building a base, I paid him 5k if he let me shoot him to test this shotguns damage and right after that I was auto perm banned for no reason? It said I was cheating in the console or something...I can really give absolutely any proof you want that I have absolutely not and never will hack. I don't know if shooting him was involved or not? It says I was banned by (Console), so I think it's just a fault with the auto system? I didn't open the console the whole time while playing and I would really like to be unbanned.
-1 its very rare this system messes up


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Banned By:



Why I feel I Should Be Unbanned:

Follow the format, please!


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Here is the Orion Network TOS

'Donators will not get treated with "Special Treatment", you will be treated the same as regular user.'

You donated $20 then got banned a few months later because you fucked up.

If you want to show us any proof put up a recording of your gameplay prior to the ban, wait why would you record yourself hacking?

You say you were auto-banned for cheating but this server doesn't do that. It kicks the player then alerts staff. If it was a console ban then that means a higher up themself banned you. So you just indirectly admitted to using cheats on the server in this post.
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Making point that the system rarely or never messes up is not a good -1, What if it was messing up?

If poptarts analogy is correct, Lets have a higher up staff member check CAC or something and see if it was a real ban or false ban.
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