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Ban appeal r!chy needs to be relieved of any punnishment if any he is a great member of sttaff it would make me feel bad if he got demoted

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IGN: Im a car guy


Banned By: R!chy

Reason: I was raiding a mega base, and i made sure to advert, then i killed al the people and i got banned for mass rdm even know i adverted.

Duration: 4 weeks

Why I feel I Should Be Unbanned:
I was following the rules and i feel i shouldnt wait 4 weeks for following the rules


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+/- until I hear from R!chy.
Did you do /advert Raid or /ad Raid?
+1, Huge misunderstanding and I will take the blame for this. So here's what happened, there were multiple sits starting to appear up about you rdming them so after checking logs, I see that you killed about 7-8 people in a short period of time. At this point I assumed you just mass RDMed and when I try to bring you to a sit, it says that you were dead and I try multiple times and I just assume that you were avoiding the sit so at that point, I ban you. About 5-10 mins later, your friend comes up to me and asks why you were banned and he says that you were raiding a base. So I check logs and realize my mistake and I was waiting for your ban appeal. I would like to apologize for banning you falsely.

Mario and Jermaine were on this server at the time and we all thought you mass rdmed. Still though, I will take full responsibility for this ban and I would like to apologize once again.


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