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Ban Appeal

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IGN: Schoolboy Juice

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:17177614

Banned By: (Console)

Reason: Cheating

Duration: Forever

Why I feel I Should Be Unbanned:
I was banned for no reason, I was just minding my own business building a base and got banned. There was an admin on the server that was abusing his powers as well and not punishing people accordingly.


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-1 Being banned by the console for cheating is automatic, so it detected some form of you cheating/hacking. Also which staff "abused" their powers?
Well I don't know what it would detect since I wasn't cheating. And he was abusing his powers by spawning guns, killing people, and jailing people that don't deserve it


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Head Admin

*BEEEEEP* Sorry wrong answer. The correct answer was telling the truth and admitting to your mistakes. Lying won't get you anywhere kid :( If you would like to play again please give a valid answer or choose the "I'm going to be a good boy and tell the truth" package. Otherwise thanks for playing!!!

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