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Broken coin flip


created my coinflip at 02:20:13

other user Deadshot played me, flipped for $3m each, $6m prize

I won the flip, other user can confirm, didn't get any money

entered the flip with 5.8m, won, received nothing, and am still at the same amount. should be back to 11m
If you could provide some evidence that would be nice, thank you. If you cannot this might have to wait until someone can check logs if the flip was actually created or not.
Could you also provide your STEAMID and IGN?
Unfortunately I have no ability to provide evidence. The publically visible chat logs only show that I created the coinflip, they don't say publicly who engaged with me in the flip or who won. In chat however I did say that I didn't get any money from it, which the other player responded to. Anyway, my ign is Drive like Drive from Drive and my SteamID is https://steamcommunity.com/id/pottrpupptpals/
Thank you, someone will respond here shortly. If not, I will check when I come home.


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I'll check it out when I get home.