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Bubba's T-Mod Application

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🌌 Looking at Stars
Staff member
Real Name:
Chris Enriquez



Hours on the server:
230 hours

Past experience with staffing servers:
In the past, I've helped staff Minecraft RP servers, and DarkRP. In GFL Purge ( A modified version of DarkRP,) I helped do admin sits.

The staff that will vouch for you:
Thanks for all who vouched for me:
Richy, PillowBurger, SMXYDerpturtlez

Age OR Date of Birth:

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*: Well, I personally think I've learned a lot, from before. I remember when I used to be put in jail all the time, because I had a misunderstanding of the rules. Well, now I've changed. I know the rules now. I've taught myself to read the MOTD every once in a while. I'm becoming more active on ts, and I'm responding constantly in forums. I'm also calling lots of sits. I just wish to become trial-moderator because I want to help out in dealing with the rule breakers on this server. I feel like I can handle each situation I come to, and deal with it the correct way. I've been a staff member on other servers like SCP RP and PurgeRP in the past. I know my ulx commands, and I have macros/binds for them. When it comes to Orion, many people know me, and what I do. My CC is taser. I have these massive bases all the time. I also may be walking around, just talking or lightsaber dueling someone. I am just a common player.
I would like to take this to the next level, by becoming staff, and getting to know the community more. I would like to help out. I personally think I have effective leadership and management. I also think I have good communication with the community. I’m active on forums, I’m active on Teamspeak, and I’m active on the discord. My self-management is great, but still WIP. I am a very kind and polite player, but everyone once in a while, I can get very mad. Some people may know. Besides that, I like to interact with the community and say hi every so often. I just try to be kind. My relevant staffing experiences, as said before, are PurgeRP and SCP RP. PurgeRP has pretty much the same rules as DarkRP, except you can shoot through one ways. The SCP RP server I used to staff on is a serious roleplay server. I am strict with the rules, and I make sure they follow them. I may let them mess around at sometimes, but not most. Unfortunately, those servers I played on, died. I have nothing left, except the experience, and the knowledge of the rules I learned while I was there. But now, I post this application. I want to bring that fun and dedication back. I want to staff again. I will work at my best to be active, kind, and help out the server.

Why do you qualify for this position? (One Paragraph)*:
I qualify for this position because I have met and befriended many people, since I got on this server. I love talking with them, and keeping their positivity up. I ask how their day is so far, and how they’re feeling. I’ve asked around how people think about me, and most of them are positive. In many games, especially Garry’s Mod, I see people breaking the rules. Recently, I’ve seen more bans for Mass RDM than I’ve seen before. On some other different DarkRP servers, I help the staff with sits, and remind the newcomers what to do, and what not to do. I do know many of the rules, and I remind players constantly to follow them. I read over MOTD from every time to time, just for a quick review on what I can do and what I cannot. I like to roleplay, and take sits. I also am used to using ULX, for I have managed my own private servers with it, and used it for DarkRP sits. As a T-Mod, I finally get to have access to teleportation, and I get to help others with problems. I can move around quicker, and I don’t have to just lightsaber/spiderman-gun there every time. With this, I believe I can handle situations as players try to take advantage with rule breaking. If you met me in real life, or in person, you might find me as a kind and friendly person who is open to helping others. While staffing, respect always comes from me, unless I’m super duper mad or upset. I have a brother who always disrespects me just for fun, and I don’t really care. Calling me stupid won’t do any harm. So, if a rule breaker tries to disrespect me, I won’t care at all. But still, I would ask them to calm down first (lol). Here’s something else I want to fix: When I use @dmin Chat to call a sit, it takes a while to be answered. I might have to wait a minute or two to solve the problem. I would like to make that answer time faster, so the people can earn the punishments or satisfaction they deserve. Staffing has always been fun, even right now. I would like to help out, and make sure everything is under control. No prop spammers, no minges, nothing bad is happening.

Remember, I have experience.

Thank you for reading!

Have you ever been banned from any server, if so what reason:
Orion: 12 hours, LDR.
Other: None

Do you have a microphone: (NOT NEEDED BUT, PREFERRED IF YOU DO):

Tell us about yourself:
Well, my name is Christopher Enriquez. I just turned 15 this January.
I played piano for 9 years, and still am playing.
I also play basketball, and participate in tournaments.
I love Garry’s Mod and the Valve Games.

Extra notes:
If you put +1, -1 or +/- please consider putting the reason behind that answer. I would appreciate the feedback!
I may be absent sometimes due to school. I will try to be on everyday though.


Earphone Jack
Staff member
-1 no. Ur a minge, I’ve seen you AFK multiple times. You are not ready for staff
+/- Sorry Im a bit in the middle, unfortunately I would have to agree with jlg but I am going to stay neutral for now. Good Luck


Active Member
I like you, I am just not sure if you are staff material. +/-


+/- you chill and always nice to me, im open to change to a +1 :)
+/- I feel like you're too distant from the community.


Jamba Juice Catto
-/+ You are a cool person but I have thing good nor bad to say about u. But good luck


Staff member
-1 Like yoyok said, I don't think your ready yet.


Well-Known Member
You are extremely unprofessional. It seems you think that being on the server alone is enough to be able to apply for staff. I've only seen you on Teamspeak maybe once or twice? You are a minge on the server and never act like someone who could be valuable to the staff team in your current state. Reform yourself and I just might think about +1ing you. -1


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Old Man
I don't think you're ready for staff, my last interaction with you left a bad taste that lingered in my mouth.

Your application is filled with pointless information that relates to nothing about why we should choose you, its just words to fill the application.
When it comes to Orion, many people know me, and what I do. My CC is taser. I have these massive bases all the time. I also may be walking around, just talking or lightsaber dueling someone. I am just a common player.
Stuff like this does not stand out in why we should choose you.
I am a very kind and polite player, but everyone once in a while, I can get very mad.
From what I've seen I disagree, we want our staff to have a level head and if someone pisses you off and you take it out on a player is something I fear happening.

Overall I need to see some serious work to be put in to change how I view you as a player for me to even consider accepting you as staff, become more active on TeamSpeak, and feel free to re-apply at a later date.

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