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Cheeki Breeki's staff application

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IGN (In-Game-Name): Cheeki Breeki

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81156236

Hours on the server: 126

Past experience with staffing servers: I have been staff on a few minecraft servers, one of them being hg.sg.hungergames.com, but unfortunetley it has shut down due to lack of funds. Other than minecraft I have never been staff on any other game.

Are you currently staff on another server?: No

Staff that will vouch for you: SMXYderpturtle, Tommy Bahamas, PillowBurger, ArchonCore, and Allen Allen IV.

Age OR Date of Birth: 18

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*: You should choose me to become staff because I will be present on the server even during the school year, I know the MOTD very well, and I have excellent communication skills. This year I will be attending Saddleback College and my schedule is set up so that I get out at 12:00 PM almost everyday and I have fridays off. This will allow for me to be very active on the server when some other staff may not be. I know the MOTD very well and can often answer questions from new players about whether they can or cannot do something. I also have very good communication skills that allow me to dissolve a heated situation with ease. Additionally, I feel as though I have been able to integrate with this community nicely and have even started playing rust and CSGO with some of the people I have met on the server.

Why do you qualify for this position?(One Paragraph)*: I qualify for this position because I am very mature and often like to teach people how to play Darkrp. If I see someone struggling to make a base, I often give them pointers on how to make their base better with worldglow colors, and materials to see through them (etc.). If I become a T-mod and I see someone breaking a rule I would tell them the wrong-doings of their actions, and how they can fix their mistakes instead of just out-right jailing them. I feel as though helping explain the rule that they broke and why they shouldn't have done it is just a better alternative to jailing someone then leaving them. Of course if the person keeps breaking the rule I would jail them, then ban them if need be.

Have you ever been banned off any server? If so what reason: I have never been banned off of any server.

Do you have a microphone (REQUIRED): yes

Tell us about yourself: I was born and raised in Southern California and have always had a passion for video games. Some of my first memories from video games would be watching my older cousin playing Skate 2 on the Xbox 360. I watched in Awe as he was flying through the air doing tricks. I built up the courage to ask him to let me play, and he reluctantly let me play. It was an unforgettable experience and one that I will never forget. I also remember him letting me play Viva Piñata, which is still one of my favorite video games to this day just because of nostalgia. Nowadays I enjoy playing Gmod, CSGO, and League of Legends (even though I am garbage). On top of video games, I love to bodyboard at the beach and go take some good pictures with my Canon 7d mk2.

Extra Notes: Thanks for taking the time to read through my application, all feedback is useful so please leave a comment of what you think.


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+/- For now, you're a super great person and I have nothing against you, but your application doesn't standout anywhere, you are claiming everything that everyone that applies claims. My answer can change in the future.
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Big +1

I know my opinion doesn't mean much anymore, but I would love if everyone can read what I am saying open mildly. I have known cheeks for awhile now and he really has stood out to me as someone who should become staff. It actually is shocking in my opinion that he waited this long to apply. Even if his app isnt a huge "standout" his personally and commitment to the server is. I was staff at one point, before I was a minge. So I know what it takes to be a staff member. This guy just cares about the server and I can tell he does. Every night I ask him to play Rust with me and a few other people, and he almost always makes us wait another hour or two because of how much fun he is having on orion, or because he is trying to get his hours up to have staff. I picture cheeki (if he remains active). To eventually become very high up in the staff list if he gets it.

He has no idea I wrote this, don't think I am trying to help him in anyway, i'm just giving my honest opinion.
+/- For now, you're a super great person and I have nothing against you, but your application doesn't standout anywhere, you are claiming everything that everyone that applies claims. My answer can change in the future.
If I were you, I would talk to him. Not everyone can write amazingly well.
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