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Cheeki's Moderator Application V2

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1.) In-game name: Cheeki

2.) Current rank:Trail-Mod Legendary

3.) Reason why you would like to be promoted: I would thoroughly enjoy being able to make this opportunity as a staff member much more enjoyable and effective by having access to no-clip and the ability to move other players props. With myself being able to use these features, my job as a staff member will become vastly more enjoyable whilst still improving my efficiency to handle sits and other situations alike. For example, If a player calls a sit saying that he is stuck, Instead of just using the !bring command and stating that he has to walk back to whichever location he was last, I would simply be able to use the !goto command on the player with no-clip and effectively evade making the player walk back to the previous location. Even though it isn’t a huge deal making players walk back to the previous location, it still makes it easier for them to get back to whatever they were doing in the first place. As for the ability to grab other players props, there is a vast amount of uses that will apply to this, for instance, recently I had a situation that involved the mayor accidentally placing a law board within the spawn wall. (picture attached at the bottom). There was no other staff on and I simply had to tell him “there isn’t really anything that I can do other than suggest you switch classes or just deal with it.” The situation would have been resolved within seconds had I been able to move the spawn wall to allow the mayor to grab it.

4.) What will we gain from promoting you: You will gain a very respectful and hard-working moderator. I feel as though my ability to help and maintain the server as a moderator rather than a T-mod will be exponentially increased. I would like to continue to be of assistance to any new players and old players alike. I will continue with my objective being to make sure that everyone on this server is actually having a good time while playing it. I would like nothing more than to make sure that nobody on Orion is feeling targeted, harassed, or discriminated against. I would just enjoy putting a smile on everyone’s face that I play with.

Side note- If you do decide to leave a +/- please do leave a reason behind with it. All feedback whether positive or negative is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much.

Amazing staff never had a bad sit or experience with you. Super chill staff, definitely deserves it ;) ++1
+1 I respect thee, and you've been really nice to me and my friends on the server, and hope you can obtain the tools you need to excel in your job!
Not open for further replies.