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An appreciation post you didn't ask for but you got anyway
You're lowkey one of my favorite staff. Even though you're not on as much as the others, I just like who you are and what you do for the server. :)


You're a chill dude that everyone likes. +1

One of the only members that actually productive in the real world. I always love it whenever you hop onto the server and blow everyone the fuck up.

A great person overall. Nothing more, nothing less. When we gonna meet up?

You are going places in life. You're an amazing member of the community and you kinda keep most people in line.


One of the best staff and a nice person overall. Helps the community and server by just being there.

@Hottie Slayer
Stop talking about league all the fucking time. Also ily

I don't see you as much as the other staff, but you're still a nice person when I do see you

Nice vape and get better internet

You are always so positive when ever I see you in-game. It helps everyone and makes other positive as well. 8.5/10

Is dat a grill g4m3r?!?!? Nah, but for real, good staff that gets reported every so often. Also stop getting on at like 3 am and get on at normal times.

Always meming or trying to get an e-girlfriend while on the server. Nothing in between

I fucking love you. Captain of the already dead overwatch team and JoJo bud

I fucking love you dude. I remember when you were new to the server. Mingey but still super nice. I was there when you made your first app and immediately gave it a +1. You are still newer to the community but you are one of the better staff. Ily

You are the first new staff I ever so on Orion. You are also one of my favorite staff and are always positive. Get more active bb

My favorite staff BY FAR. You are one of the nicest and most fun staff on Orion. You were always that surfer stoner type from when you first joined and who you are now. I like hopw you became more open with our community and became part of our Orion shit show family. Ily so fucking much. #LubeForSMod

JoJo bud

The better staff on Orion. Always taking sits and shit like that. Always positive and never negative. Why don't we play WoW anymore?

Ricky...I have nothing to say about you

You are the most creative person on Orion. I love what you do in game and what you do in real life. Show my the Soviet Bike when you're done with it

@Bobby Dong
A great staff member but I don't see you too often to say much about you.

@Tommy Bahamas
You're on of the more recent staff but you're a damn good one. I love the type of person you are. You as a person is just great and most people also think that.

@Misguided Penguin
You still owe Jermaine another CC. Ily you man. Sorry for spoiling JoJo

Stop yelling at me, it hurts my feelings

Really nice person that I don't see too often. I need to see you more man.

I fucking love you as much as I love Tails. You are a great person and why did you have to resign. :(

@RealXavier I miss you

@Empurror I don't miss you. Also, stop using a vpn to look at forums

@Wanderer Why did you have to resign :( We miss you

Stop playing Roblox instead of Orion


@Sum Ting Wong
Jap bff

Cool guy that lets me rdm him and he rdms me

Pees on Kdude

Gets peed on by Puppy

I kinda wanted to make this for no reason
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love you dawg. Also, can we take a second to mention @jlgcuntboy11 disses on J. Cole but his signature and Profile Pic is Lil Pump...


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You're an awesome guy, love you <3


AYYYY <3 thanks man, its cool to see that people love the way I staff and as a person.


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You guys will definitely see the soviet bike when it's done. I'm chopping the back end off and making it a WWII style hard tail soon