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Clothing Vendor

Type (Website, In-game) - In Game
Suggestion - We need to customize our own jobs with clothen to represent out style and not look average and boring.
How will it benefit the server - Lots of people would love to have there own custom hats to show how they look. Lots of famous servers have this in there games and went very successful, and this would attract alot of people to join the server because custom looks are very fun and great for indepenting choice of clothen. This will make people feel that there one of a kind because they could look different from other people with the same job. And halloween and christmas is coming up, so this will make holidays more better.
Link (if needed) - https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3118/clothing-vendor-v20-new-update-supports-any-gamemode
Extra note: If you were to add this, can you make different section for encryted and legendary?


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Senior Mod
+/- Ehhhh, I'm not sure. It's just the player model changer...


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+/- can get pretty overwhelming with all the changes happening and not to mention could confuse people on jobs of other unless this is strictly for hats. Could be a decent idea for adding separate hats for VIP, Encrypted, and Legendary.


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-/+ I don't really know about this. Also, unless it is just me, the page was removed/doesn't exist.
-/+ for now. i like the hats idea thing, if we just did hats and facial stuff (glasses, masks ect,) then i would be +1.