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Disrespect and other stuff


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You did fine. Disrespecting is something which can translate to real life damages, those types are not acceptable. Now what that means isn't that "Ow my feelings are hurt." it means that you would have an actual FEAR of something. So threats, doxing, ddosing, threatening individuals with real life circumstances. These things are the things we need to become heavily involved in as higher staff and attempt to limit and or eradicate any such threats from what control we have on the server. Of course on the forums we can regulate posts as they come out of control, but as for drama, as long as it doesn't breach into that fear of safety, us higher staff shouldn't have the obligation to get involved.

This server is meant to be an enjoyable, goofy, memey, and safe place. And by safe place I don't mean what helicopter parents mean, I mean a place where your real life issues and shit should be forgotten about just for a short while. If somebody on this server ever seems to breach that disconnect, and threatens, attacks, or harms your personal life in anyway. Staff, users, and anybody else who is apart of the Orion community please feel free to reach out to me. Beyond that if you have baseline drama where those fears are not of issue, and you are seeking advice on how to amend broken fences, you are welcomed to come to me for advice, but not a solution as I most likely won't have it for every given situation.

So know that you do not only have Slam, but myself, Fyre, and all of the higher staff willing to help when it is really needed.
Exactly. ALso albino what I'd your in game name.


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And also slam being gay is fine. Just be yourself. Nice job not letting it affect u
I couldn't have worded it better.

I too am always there for anyone who needs to talk, or wants assistance. I wish to help out too, especially in situations like this where it may be needed. Part of my job is to help, and if it's a situation going out of control and maybe one of the super admins hasn' seen it yet, let me know. I' always there and ready to help.
Agreed. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need help with anything. If it’s anything from school to computer issues. Hell even if you need to rant about something poke me on ts. If you want to keep it confidential we can too. Seriously it’s my job and I appreciate it when people reach out to me.