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Finch's Perma Ban Appeal, im not sorry

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Real Name: Austyn

IGN: Finch

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41802063

Hours on server: 1000+ over the span of 4 years

Past experience with staffing servers: I have extensive knowledge when it comes to staffing on various servers and game modes including Military, Clone wars, Fallout and obviously Dark rp. Within these game modes I have had varying ranks from moderator to community manager. On Orion, I have held Admin for 4 months during Albino's run as the staff manager. I first applied on Orion 4 years ago being initially denied due to their zero tolerance policy on being under 15 with Autopilot himself denying me but I was given a chance then and was able to show that through my age I was able to take the responsibility. During my time of absence in this community which led to my demotion from Admin, I had my own pet projects opening up servers and just gaining experience. With that I am also able to fully develop and bring a server up from the ground configuring pre-bought scripts and messing with workshop addons. I am able to edit SWEPs and if I had the resources I am able to make my own.

Staff that will vouch for you: Richy, Skatro, Lube, JLG, Bobby, Papa Yee

Age OR Date of Birth: 17 since 7/10

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*: You should allow me to join the staff team because I am heavily dedicated to the community donating over $400. This in no way means I deserve staff for paying money but it does show that I should become staff but it does show that I care for the server and I want to see it last. Even the small things I do is done to help the server become a better place for other players whether it is barely doing sits to get people jailed (I ask the staff member to just inform them of the rules and warn then) for first time incidents or raiding but leaving valuable printers and miners behind while sometimes leaving a gift. I want to be a part of the staff team again to help players have a more enjoyable experience instead of solely hunting down rule breakers.

Why do you qualify for this position?(One Paragraph)*: I am qualified to join the staff team because Orion was the first server I joined on Gmod and the first one I have staffed on. I have seen staff expectations change drastically compare to back then where an RDM x2 was a perma ban reason: n****r faggot before Albino took over stand added the currently used ban format and official ban times. Apart from being on the server for a long time I have been a staff member twice which means I am able to get straight to work if needed. As stated above I also have extensive experience as well understanding how a player thinks and how they might act in sits. I am very analytical and open minded which allows me to always see one situation in a multitude if ways which is seen in many of my forums posts where I do break things down and thoroughly discuss them. This qualifies me because I can show that I am able to effectively and properly assist players in incidents regarding other players being able to pick out inconsistencies in statements such as a lie and excessive bias. Not only am I experienced in staffing I have been a full developer of quite a fews servers mainly being the ones I owned understanding lua to tbe point of essentially being able to create custom sweps and complete control of ULX and it's modules. My final qualification is understanding of a chain of command, seniority, and how a staff team works as I have also been a community and staff manager.

Have you ever been banned of any server, if so what reason: I have been banned from one of my own communities due to inner drama among the executive teams which I tried to defuse and did but they decided that it was best for the community that someone else takes charge and I supported that, they are currently doing well and just re-opened with success (did not really appreciate the ban though)

Do you have a microphone: (NOT NEEDED BUT, PREFERRED IF YOU DO) Yes I do

Which server are you applying for? (Darkrp or TTT)*: Darkrp

Extra notes: I would love as much feedback as possible from anybody as +/- with no reason is quite useless.

Thank you for reading my application and I hope you have a great day!
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+1 cant believe you didnt add to vouch ily babe <3

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+1, would've said I'd vouch if I was still staff lol


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(Btw who's Autopilot?)


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+1 always has been ready since you were active again
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