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Forum Update!



As you might have noticed, we added some new features to the forums.
Here is the list of what we added.

+ Profile Covers
+ Reactions

Profile Covers
Profile Covers will allow you to have a custom picture as your cover on your profile.
With this being added, any NSFW profile covers will result in the cover being deleted, 1 day forum ban, and permanent removal of the ability to be able to set profile covers. No weeb shit please.

Reactions will allow users to express what they feel about a certain post. You can click on emojis.
Good reactions will still count as "likes".
Anyone caught excessively down voting/up voting a single user (targeting) will lose the ability to react.

Be sure to give us feedback down below.
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Watching this kid try to make these pictures in photoshop for 15 minutes gave me a fucking aneurysm. Other than that good job.


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Ey this is pretty cool, everyone give me negative reactions too XD


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When is the load in music going to change