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Frank's Staff Application.

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Frank Castle

The Punisher
Staff member
Senior Mod
IGN (In-Game-Name): Frank Castle.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:46936573

Hours on the server:
Going of the game tracker website these are other stated amounts of hours I have on Orion.
https://www.gametracker.com/player_info/index.php?nameb64=U3BpZGVyLU1hbiB0d2l0Y2gudHYvc3BpZGVyX21hbg==&host= (16.82h)
https://www.gametracker.com/player_...0Y2gudHYvdW5jX2dhbWVy&host= (0.4h)
https://www.gametracker.com/player/Frank Castle/ (132.35h)
https://www.gametracker.com/player/UnC Gamer/ (595.83h)
Through all these game tracker times together, I do have more than the required amount of time for applying for staff. Just as stated below, I wanted to at least get the required number of hours according to that in-game tracker.
Total amount of game tracker hours (745.40h)

According to the in-game tracker at the time I post this I have over the 50 hours required for staff. My total amount does percede the required number of hours, but I wanted to acquire at least 50 hours on that in game tracker too before attemptign to re-apply.

Past experience with staffing servers:
Orion Network (G-mod) (T-mod - Admin) (April 2017 - May 2018)
I was staff on here previously, around late May I had resigned due to getting momentarily busy; graduation, moving to a new place, finding a job, and some other basic set ups of my next part in life. I have gotten everything from that sorted out, and feel I am ready and able to be fully active amongst the community once again.

All the homies (Discord chat)(Moderator)(Creation of the discord chat - present day)
It is just a small group chat between a few of my friends. I am simply given moderator status in the discord chat, however it is only between friends so it isn't a major deal I don't think.

Are you currently staff on another server?:
I am set as a moderator on a friend of mine's discord, if that counts for anything, otherwise than I am not staff on any other server.

Staff that will vouch for you: Coral, Naruto, Str!ker, Righty, Vexper, DL, JLG

Age OR Date of Birth: June 21st, 2000

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*: I believe you should choose me for my honesty, integrity, and time-management skills. When it comes to staffing on Orion, it can take up sometime from anyone's day. That is something I completely understand, and respect 100%. Life can get in the way, and it is something everyone should focus on first. However, I believe I am well set that I can successfully moderate on Orion for long amounts of time, and even on some later times throughout the night too. Night shifts I believe are important too, as we get quite a few reports from people on late at night. Whenever I am at fault, or I mis-jail, or simply break a rule myself I am willing to own up. As someone who would be staff, I should know the rules, and in the event I break one; not intentionally; I usually jail myself for twice the amount of time. As I should know better. I have examined over the newer, updated !motd quite a few times and feel confident in my knowledge of the rules. Finally, I think my integrity to to staffing Orion should be a reason you choose me. I hold no biased opinions with anyone. Whether they are a friend, enemy, donated, family, my dog, I would give out the punishment the same as anyone else would receive, for whatever the crime was. For these reasons, I believe you should choose me as a staff member.

Why do you qualify for this position?(One Paragraph)*: My qualifying features include: unbiased staff actions, ability to use ULX commands/blogs efficiently, and my dedication to a sit. Whenever I take a sit, I am always willing to follow through, no matter how long the sit may take. Sits lasting one minute, to twenty I am always ok with; I'd rather take longer to make sure the sit is done properly, than assume something and jail the wrong person just to end a sit so I can, stop someone raiding me. Following the topic of dedication to taking sits, I am willing to ask both sides of the party for as much info as possible. For it could possibly lead to: why the person broke the rule, is someone else influencing this rule break, or maybe someone we need to check on for any other outbreaks. Between staffing previously on Orion, and knowing how to use the different set of ULX commands, and blogs I believe I am very capable of properly moderating a sit. As t-mod I know there is no noclip, which I am perfectly fine with, I find I am able to still get sits to rooves effectively and safely so everyone is free from any other rp things. For if we are in the street, they become more vunerable to hitman, and other rp things they should be free of, during the sit. Finally, I am not biased towards/against anyone. Whenever I am to make a staff-related decision such as a jail, a kick, a ban, or anything, I base it off of the evidence provided. Blogs, and any visual evidence if possible is what I use to justify any actions I make, from the pov of a staff member. These features, plus even more are what, I believe, qualify me to be a staff member.

Have you ever been banned off any server? If so what reason: No I have not ever been banned on a server of any kind, not G-mod, discord, or other types of games.

Do you have a microphone (REQUIRED): Yes

Tell us about yourself: My name is Reed-Micheal. I am 18 years old, working at a McDonald's part time. I also like to stream occasionally along with all the fun times of gaming. As obvious notions point to me playing G-mod, I also play CS:GO, warframe, destiny 2, and many others. As for talking about myself, I do not know what else to say, however if you ask I will answer honestly.

Extra Notes: I got teamspeak successfully working on my computer. It is no longer me listening on my phone, and replying through steam chat or something. I am also more active with my mic too, which is better for sits.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I do greatly appreciate it. I do hope everyone has an excellent.
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Staff member
Senior Mod
+1 Great former staff member, knows rules, helpful member of the community.
+1. Former staff, knows rules and community, has more than an ounce of intelligence.
Good luck,
+1 In his past time as staffing he was very professional, good luck frank, add me to your vouch list


Well-Known Member
+1 Reasons states above.
+1 Oh Yes!!! This man is the best staff member I've ever seen.


Friendly Player
Staff member
+1 Previous experienced staff member and well-known player. Its nice to see you back Frank.


Jamba Juice Catto
+1 Good former staff, knows rules, good person


Staff member
Head Admin
+1 This man is very experienced and former staff. GoodLuck!
With all the player interaction you have made...I cannot emphasize enough how much you've helped the server in the past and how good of a staff you are on this server. We need ya buddy.
Welcome back :)
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