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As most of you know I was going to do this on the 26th but with me working out after school now I have to post my resignation now. Right now I am not getting home until 6:00pm my time because I have been working out after school, that means I have 4 hours until I go to bed and wake up at 6:30am the next day to go to work. This schedule means that I can't spend two hours on the server everyday like I want to. But starting on the 26th wrestling practice starts and it goes from 6:00pm until 8:00pm and I will be gone every weekend two weeks after it starts. That means that I literally won't have enough time to get on the server everyday. I am not leaving the server forever for I will still be on TS from time to time and as soon as wrestling is over I hope to get my hours back up there and reapply for staff. But for now thank you for this opportunity to staff on this server for it was very fun and I can't wait until wrestling is over so that I can come back.

Dawson Swain aka Misguided Penguin


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Lowkey gonna miss ya bro. Either way, once school is done, we can get the dragon balls to revive your moderator status


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T_T A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I hope to see you soon again


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Let's talk on TS.
I don’t think that I said it clear enough in my post, but this was an amazing experience and I am so grateful that the higher ups allowed me this opportunity and it’s something that I won’t forget. Hopefully after wrestling season I will get this opportunity again.
Application Denied, speak to ArchonCore for details of denial.
dude, I will miss you and ur sexy Goku cc, pls do not leave.


Even though i fuck with u alot, you still juan of the boyz. Gonna miss u man.


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Gonna miss you misguided, hope life goes well for you too. <3
P.S - Message me for any help or fortnite lol :)
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See ya, I hope life treats you well, and I hope to see you in game in the future!


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Again I know I already told you in ts, but thank you for your time an dedication towards Orion, I hope to see you drop in when ever you can :)