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    If you are donating with steam funds, you must contact SICKO GREED.
    Anyone that donates to another person will have their rank / custom class removed with NO REFUNDS.
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    Our Teamspeak IP is ts.orion.network


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Slam Van

Fuckin' Weeb
I know this is realllly late to make a post but I finally got around to doing so.

I am currently the active co-owner/dev/whatever they need me to be at the time. For all inquiries about the server or custom classes, please message me or Albino about such things. Fyre has resigned and it isn't his job to deal with such things unless he comes back into his position. I want to thank you all for trying to re-populate the server and I think we can do a great job getting Orion back to it's old standards.

Having said that, feel free to add me.

I'll try and add all of you and get to responding to things. Please look at the rules/past threads before you ask however, there might be an answer for you somewhere in the forums.

Also, feel free to make suggestions on this post on what you think would help/improve quality of life on the server.

Thanks, Slam.
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*Loads Fallschirmjägergewehr-42 with malicious intent*
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