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Its been 3 months but I just wanted to get this out of the way

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I am making this formal resignation after almost 3 months, I know its late but I thought its just time to get it over with. All and all I had a great time on the server and I enjoyed playing with many people. I decided to join the staff team because I wanted to do more for the server I spent so much time on. I was pushed by people who I played with to give it a try and It'll be great. Now I expected the responsibilities I knew what I was up against. Long hours, annoying players, keeping up my image and not screwing up. I expected it not to be fun any more, and that I would turn into a job but I went at it any way. Once I hit trial Mod I got to work, taking as many sits as I could and working long hours. I went to as many meetings as I could, I literally got my laptop and sat in the bathroom during a party for one. But I started to notice things that I had not expected to see in the server staff. Censorship, favoring those because of their gender, or because they never questioned or argued. I looked around me and saw something I didn't want to see. Those who offended some were demoted, words were more important than actions. Some worked for an entire week without fail and didn't even get a mention. People being banned because one guy, one single guy disliked them personally, Then it hit me what this reminded me of. Communism,(P.S. I loved most of the staff I worked with, good luck you guys), People were promoted not for their actions, but because of their loyalty not to the server but to one person. Those who worked tirelessly were forgotten and cased aside. I also noticed that the server had changed a lot since I had last joined, Orion was now in my opinion much much more toxic than it was. I'm not going to get into detail but I hated it. Also the server was loosing players a good amount of the time I'd sit there near the end because there was no one on. Now this was probably temporary, but when men aren't working they think. And I thought about what I was doing, was this time wasted, was I having fun, did I find a group I would enjoy working with, and was this challenge I wanted to do worth it. And the answer hit me, yes and no. Yes I had found great friends had great fun and enjoyed myself. But on the other hand No, I had wasted time working with a community I didn't enjoy. I came for work and a hobby, but found the world I had wanted to leave. Political correctness, rewards based on gender not work, censorship, cultural appropriation, drama. I came on this server to have fun, then to work on a hobby, then to argue about A FUCKING INVISIBLE WALL FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT. Slayer god bless your soul but that put me over the edge. I was behind on school work and stayed up to late playing this because I felt I hadn't done enough for that day. I can admit I did have my moments where I did fuck up, and I wasn't perfect, but tis the fault of humanity. I don't want to play victim because I don't feel like I was one, I did my best and when the times got tough I sailed off. I no longer enjoyed what I was doing, and even those who kept me going on like Mario, Vexper, and tdnd couldn't change my mind. And I know compared to some I probably didn't get the short end of the stick. But all in all I had fun I loved some of those who I worked with, and respected those who I thought I should. I came back to a community broken by in fighting, split by their feelings, and banished those who speak up or disagree. I will not return to TS, the server, or the community, I may one day return, but that day is far off. And I know this will sink away into the forums never to be seen again and my name will be forgotten in a short amount of time. But I just wanted to say see ya later


P.S. I know things probably have changed here hopefully for the better, but this was my experience and thoughts

Good bye maybe forever
Agent, I remember when me and you would just go raid bases and just piss off everyone because we found loopholes in their own base,i t was fun to talking to you man, Hope you have a good rest of your gaming career.

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If it's ok to say from my point of view, and hopefully you at least get a chance to see this from my perspective. I am someone that has been apart of Orion since march 2015, three full years as of march this year. Not as long as some, and definitely I have not gone through as difficult of times; as many others I have seen. For this set out favoritism, it is technically possible to be present. I personally have not seen it, so it is harder for me to grasp but I do not immediately say it's impossible.

I am someone that acquired staff back last april, staffing for now a year; I worked my way to the rank I am now. I continue to work everyday to be worthy of even this simple rank, or the fact of being staff on Orion at all. These things take time, and to put in so much work that you run yourself out dry; before the higher ups have gotten enough time to determine whether you are worthy of the next rank or not can screw you over. Yes sometimes it may seem like a long time before you get a promotion, does not mean you are doomed to never be promoted or destined to just be demoted. It means they still need to see more. That may seem like bull shit but it's honestly not.

When I became staff, I got up to moderator fairly quickly, but I worked hard I did not push it down anyone's throats the fact I was staff, and was taking sits. I simply did the job I was lucky enough to be appointed. When I came back from a six week, leave of absence I took, I did work for the rank of s-mod. I know some got it naturally, and I admit I applied for it twice, the 2nd time getting it. But the reason I didn't get it the first time was the long time away, and needing to reintegrate back into what happened, and become worthy of that rank.

These things take time, I did not get admin in two days, it was over the course of months.

I will admit, I do think of this kind of like a job; but not a bad one. I have always enjoyed video games, as many of us have here. But another part that helps me, maybe that's just me, but I personally enjoy helping people. Being able to be a staff member and stop a mass rdmer, or someone from minging, or even giving someone a few tips on how to start off is truly a wonderous thing to me. That is supported by the ideology I made for myself and follow, some I have noticed picked it up for themself, some may disagree with it.

"I am here to do my job, not make friends."

As much as I enjoy making friends, which I have done over a long period of playing on this server, my staffing position goes above that. I have jailed, kicked, and banned those I called friend. Some still consider me a friend, some hate me for that decision I made that day. I do not take it personally, for I feel that's not right of me and being completely honest I feel no remorse when I must ban or kick someone. Not because I have some sadistic pleasure in banning people, but simply if they broke the rule and must be: banned, kicked, or jailed; I will do it without feeling bad for it. For some people this works, and some it does not.

For a server like this with so much diversity, and people; it is expected to have certain censorship. It may seem like a lot more censorship than it's intended, they don't tell people to stop making something like a swatsika because they are dicks. For some people it truly is offensive, which may seem unfair but there is certain pieces of history that have a greater impact for that sort of deal, and in my opinion should be censored. There is some I do also think is ok, such as nigga; where as the n word with the hard R I say no. That is another controversial arguement I have no desire to get into right now.

Agent, I do hope where ever you go in life treats you well. I do hope this maybe relates some of the things I've seen over my years that might give some more insight and help clear things up. If not, then it doesn't and there is not much else I can do. See ya later.

For those who know the line

Another one bites the dust....


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I mean resigning implies you're still staff, and he's demoted from staff entirely so he can't technically resign.
it sounded like to me he was just saying his thoughts!!!!! and i know he prob shouldent have put it as a resignation but lets think of it as click bate XXD


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Thanks for being staff while it lasted, gl man <3
I hope you find a server you think isn’t communism, and censorship? I don’t think we censor each other at all omegalul, but anyways good luck on your life.
I’m just going to say no this is not a resignation, this is just my thoughts and why I left. (You can’t resign after your fired)
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