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Juicy Suggestion :D

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Midnight Dr1ft3r
Type (Website, In-game) - In-game

Suggestion - To add alternative gambling systems besides having broken ones like (!bet, !unbox). Also more entertaining ones.
How will it benefit the server - This will give players a more enjoyable, ease, satisfaction and entertainment. I've suggested this before many times and have come back with extremely positive feedback but gets overlooked upon the higher ups. I had a large amount of players before ask me if there were a gambling area for them to spend their time and I said no, they immediately lost interest in attempting to gamble at all with the Coin Flips since it thats the only gambling system that works ATM.
I also noticed that it doesn't cause lag (from my experience from other servers). This will also entertain players for a very long time and keep them gambling their money away instead of having a broken economy, also would spend hours in the casino just playing 2 games (I have before and its too entertaining). There is more comfortability in high-risk high-reward type of situations since you don't need to face off another player most of the times when betting. Just watch some of the demo vids in the links I have provided to see how much fun these look/are. Thank you for your interest!

Link (if needed) - https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/2293/casino-kit-blackjack

-Astra :logo:
I think that a dice roll, or some sort of solo money gambling would be really cool. It would mean you could gamble your money away late into the night when no one is on either! :)


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I don't see the point. Just another entity that will be forgotten within a week.


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+1 We need to get gambling machines so I can make a casino!!! Plus a new class could be added with this maybe called Dealer or something, the way to make money is to charge an inter fee.


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+/- It would be a fun, risky way to get or lose money but would probably be forgotten unless it's put in a place lots of people will see it, like the fountain
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