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Let's move it all together shall we?


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So I was going to comment on each individual post, but I was at work and then they came in as if the floodgates had opened. We all know that @Fyre @Tails and @Kawaii all have left the server to pursue bigger and better things. It was caught by a surprise by more than just all of you, but by myself as well so it's a bit jarring and disorienting to write this out. I've worked with these three for sometime, and most of my post here is going to be directed to Fyre because in the end of the day, Tails and Kawaii were FYRE'S staff as he was the one who took up the torch after me.

My time on Orion has been one where I rarely make anything close to a friend, and that may be because of my own inadequacies as a person or as a manager, though regardless that is my flaw. On the server I can only really count around 10 or so people who really left an impact on me or have touched me in a way to let me call them a friend, Fyre was easily number one of this list. He was young when he started on the server, but he was smart, quick to learn and showed potential. It didn't take long for him to reach Super and it was mainly because of how quickly he took onto things and how much he showed care and love for the community. The excitement to bring the server to higher places, something I remembered feeling when I first started, but seeing that excitement from him revitalized my hope for Orion, brought me the energy to come back more actively and honestly is the only reason I am still around today. He made himself a solid core for his staff, made himself a place where all of his staff could look to him for help without being worried of the repercussions other than if Fyre was having to tell me. Like I said on my post a long time ago from one of my many pointless resignations, Fyre formed bonds, friendships, and trust between him and his staff, whereas I drew respect through worry of demotions, respect through my silly debate threads that appeared every now and then (thanks @JoKo ), and respect through what little knowledge I have but to some seems much larger. All I had was respect, but in the end Fyre only can receive just that from me, respect, as he has done things I couldn't have, and still can't. He will always be "my little brother" or my "son", that won't change since I really look at him as a little brother, and I do hope I was able to pass some lessons down to you, Fyre, lessons that will help you in your bright future.

And to Tails and Kawaii, thank you both. Like Kawaii mentioned on his post me and him didn't see eye to eye enough, but he was somebody I could only applaud as he brought a lot of the community in and helped do what I wanted the server to always achieve, make everlasting friendships. If anything can be taken from Kawaii's tenure here, it's that he was a magnet, bringing people towards him and making the place they were brought a fun and active environment. For Tails, most have already said this, one of the nicest people to ever grace the chaotic place that is Orion. Truly, Tail's is the most likable person on the server, and I never spoke to him much personally since I tended to keep myself away from others since I don't play nice with others, but just seeing how Fyre, and the rest of the server regarded you as such shows greatly. Thank you both for your time on Orion, and keep bringing us fun times on the server, forums, and TS.

And for Orion, I will still be here to tend to you. I have tried to leave this server innumerable amounts of times and I have been stopped just as many times. I can't leave yet though, I still have to keep my promise to myself and Fyre, let's breath some life back into this bitch.
If I could hug you i would. A toast to good times and a brighter future to all. I believe i you albino


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Thank you for the memories Albino, and I know I haven't talked to you either as much, but it was still great to talk to you and even just see you from time to time. Appreciate the comments given by you and i hope you can continue with Orion and work on it from there. <3


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This is why you're the server dad. Although we are close in age, you've always been an internet dad for me. Thank you for the dedication, even after putting up with the bullshit (mine especially).

Ross Anickman

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This seems like a very large change in a short amount of time:
1. New ownership
2. Map change
3. Tails, fyre, and kawaii resigned
4. Albino is now the owner (i think)
This is gonna be a very interesting year from what it looks like so far
I seem to have missed a lot during my absence, but I do hope the good times can continue even with the goats gone.
:logo: Let the Orion rise again to its potential we expected! :logo:
hell yeah, id be as happy as could be if you guys can get Orion back in shape.