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Lightsbaber fix

Allen Allen IV

Staff member
Type (Website, In-game) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=111412589 (i know it's the same one)
Suggestion - Fixing the hitbox for the lightsaber to reflect on where the blade is
How will it benefit the server - It will make lightsabers 1000x times better to use. if you don't know what I mean, in single player, the lightsaber blade determines where it hits, and it doesn't just hit behind and in front of you like on the server
Link (if needed) -


Well-Known Member
Staff member
It's not the lightsabers... it's your playmodel that fucks it up.

So unless cyan want to change every pm I don't see this being a thing lol.
Its your Custom player model where your hit-box changes. It's nothing to do with the Lightsaber. And I'm sure that cyan doesn't want to change for every playermodel its length and hitbox.