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Load-in song suggestions

Slam Van

Fuckin' Weeb
Staff member
Post music that I can add because the music is bad.

1. No racist music

2. No ear rape

3. no shitty edm
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

The Man Who Sold the World - Midge Urge (Or Bowie/Nirvanna)

Europa - Santana

In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins

Jump - Van Halen

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas

That's my top picks from my rock playlist I have other genres if you'd like them.


A Fading No One
And by EDEN

Fool by Cavetown

Wake Up by EDEN

Drugs by EDEN

Crash by EDEN

Lemon Boy by Cavetown

Talk To Me by Cavetown

This Is Home by Cavetown
All rap songs!

Drip to hard
Sicko mode
Mo bamba
Reel it in
Plug walk
All girls are the same
No stylist
Get dripped
Nice for what


Well-Known Member
- Kanye, Rick Ross - Devil In A New Dress
- Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It
- Biggie - Everyday Struggle
- Travis Scott, Kanye, Lil Uzi - Watch
- Travis Scott - Butterfly Effect
- Biggie - Juicy
- N.W.A - Express Yourself

Slam Van

Fuckin' Weeb
Staff member
Sad.jpeg, but are you adding ALL the song's people ask for, are you just adding some of them you liked!
I'm only adding a few songs, maybe like 5-6
Crab rave- noisestorm
straight jacket- Quinn xcii
little to close- WRLD
The girl - Helberg
Chain smokers-roses
glass animals - cane shuga
yung gravy- ice cream truck\
Walk the moon- Kamikaze
the white stripes- the hardest button to button
soundgarden- black hole sun
muse- supermassive black hole
delmag- hole in the sky
delmag - capt zero
delmag- never quite that low
fever the ghost- source
Chaos Chaos- West side
AAron smith- Dancin(remix)

Will add more as i remember or come across them
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