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Mini Update


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Orion Network Mini Update!

+More Materials
+Increased Thief/Hacker slots
Realistic Kidnap System added to Abductor/Kidnapper


-Permanently removed Jackpot script
-Temporarily disabled CSGO UNBOXING
-Temporarily disabled Thermal Imager

(Note that RSHIFT is the current surrender key)

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Frank Castle

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This looks really epic, thanks Fyre. Was there anything given to the advanced hacker to balance out the loss of the thermal imager? Or was the class removed entirely for now?


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Ah shit, abductor actually going to be useful now
PSsssssstttt models are still broken :) can ya provide a link peeees


Midnight Dr1ft3r
Finally the kidnapping jobs will be put back to use now! Thank you so much!


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Thank you Fyre & Cyan!
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Thank you Fyre... +1 form me


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idk why all yall thankin fyre when cyan is the one who put the shit in


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The baton makes them a ragdoll, but you cant grav gun them


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Old Man
Just to clear things up, the way Abductor worked in the past was you were only able to knock someone out, if their playermodel had a rag doll and unfortunately most the player models don't have one. So just figure out which models do.