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MRDMers (and they're still going)

Should I stop polls?

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In-Game Name: Pride, ! Billy

Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:219908052 for Pride, STEAM_0:1:437618250 for Billy

Description Of What Happened: I got on the server, went as hobo king, bought a tip jar, and these guys start MRDMing everyone in the server as thieves. They're still going, and I only got one screenshot, but will add more as it keeps going.

Proof: Attached file; cmd logs

EDIT: They're using aimware.


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Banned One of them - Pride (STEAM_0:1:219908052). For 2 Handed Weapon as citizen and Mass RDM. I got on for a bit after seeing this post. He mass RDMed 3 people and me. Billy is still online however not enough conclusive evidence that he was mass RDMing. Will spec for a bit.
stinkyboot22 killed Paul Soares Jr using m9k_aw50
stinkyboot22 killed CoolKidWonder using m9k_aw50
stinkyboot22 killed Hobo Jesus using m9k_aw50
stinkyboot22 killed r!chy using m9k_aw50
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Frank Castle

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Only count 1 kill for billy, and please be careful with those 2 handed weapons as a hobo.


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