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New ATM system

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Type (Website, In-game) - In-Game

Suggestion - New ATM System

How will it benefit the server - This will benefit the server by making Dealer jobs more fun and easier and removing those chunky atm machines in the PD and Banks. What I mean by helping Any Dealers is that they can buy an entity such as "Chip 'n' pin" aka a card reader (which could replace tipjar if needed) where people can pay through that instead of dropping money on the ground and people stealing it whatsoever. And also the ATM it self is thin and skinny which means it will open up more room in PD and Banks, the UI system on it is way better then the current version of ATM we have right now, and has was a lot of features.

Feature list
  • Lightweight
  • Intuitive
  • Modern, easy to use UI
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to the use of stencils
  • Sleek models
  • Safe way to store and send money
  • Supports shared accounts
  • Comes with an ATM and a Chip 'n' Pin device
  • Supports both touchscreen and keypad use
  • View transaction history, allowing you to see all incoming and outgoing money to and from your account.
  • Has interest rate support, so users can be rewarded for storing their money in the bank.

ATM's UI/ATM Itself

In my opinion this would be a good addition to our servers and make the game more fun with having card readers and new stylish look for atms.

Link (if needed) - https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4771/blues-atm-a-lightweight-atm-bank-system
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-1 Sorry, but I'm gonna -1 for a couple of reasons
1. It costs $17.99
2. You can drop checks that makes it so no one can steal the money.
3. What would happen to the Hacker job? I don't think the Aritz Cracker works on these new ATMs so it would make the Hacker job and the tool useless.
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I'ma just say this people don't trust other people with scripts if they give one to em unless they buy it and i agree with bacon -1
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