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NLR Update maybe?

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Type (Website, In-game) - Ingame

Suggestion - NLR Zones

How will it benefit the server - This will benefit server by preventing people from breaking NLR when a player dies it will create a sphere which will show the person a warning that he will be punished upon entering and how long until the zones disappeared. Stops the annoying players who break NLR which saves the admins time and lets the player play the game instead of spending time complaining about another player not following the rules. What it also does is that upon entering the zone it will remove their items in the hotbar so they can't use physgun or other type of weapon in the zone. Also it ghosts your player so nobody can attack you nor you can attack them. I would think this would be a good addition since it could save some time with sits and people who are new that don't know what nlr is.

Link (if needed) - https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4308/spzones-nlr


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One Staff Meeting Ago Me:"What if we added this nlr zone addon to make nlr sits easier?"
Kawaii:"ew it so gross no way"


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But what if some friends are just messing around? Then they would have to wait for the sphere to go away before returning and continuing to have fun.

I see your point about how it could benefit the server and the staff, but it would be really annoying a lot of times.


Staff member
One problem I see with this is if you are RDM'ed because you are now blocked from a certain area because you were wrongfully killed.

Another problem is that NLR is only a couple minutes so this is kind of redundant.


Staff member
-1 You'll now have nlr on hits/mugs/and if your swat and someone is raiding the pd. Unless if their is a way to get around it.


New Member
-1 today we all had a lightsaber fight in this one portion of the map and kept breaking NLR and this would of fucked it up
I must agree with vexpers point with PD raids. Then I see no point adding this then. @Kawaii @Cyan Lock up please :)
-1 hun its a excellent idea really it is but orion isnt a serious rp heck its not even semi serious half the time youve seen how orion is youve seen how people are here it would just ruin the fun that is orion ;~;
I've used these circles before and they do nothing but drop staff fps and cause more harm than good for our players. Also super easy to abuse.
I must agree with vexpers point with PD raids. Then I see no point adding this then. @Kawaii @Cyan Lock up please :)
Will do.

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