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Official Resignation
Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my time working with Orion immensely and will miss working with everyone, but just to clarify, this is something has been lingering in the back of my head for months and I've finally come to a conclusion and decided to act on it. Alright, after my talk with Tails I've finally gained the courage to officially "resign" from my position. So for that, thank you. I've realized that I need to start looking more in a realistic perspective, Orion is slowly coming to an end and we all know it.. and I feel as I've done my part exceptionally well... Nothing on this earth will ever diminish the love and respect I have for this community and server - I've spent the last 4 years being able to do something I love with the luxury of having fun... Not to mention all the people that I got to meet and connect with, but the biggest blessing of them all was being able to create an environment where people can come after a stressful long ass day just to simply have fun and play with their friends. That's why seeing the server harbor the lowest player count to date hurts more than people expect, I put everything into this server, but deep down I know and accept that everything dies someday... And for today, I die here. Not to sound overly sad, I just want people to know how I'm genuinely feeling.

I think it's time for me to show my appreciation and give recognition to those that need it. Hence the making of this post, I want to set a point across the table. I care about most of the people on this server regardless if they don't like me or talk very poorly about me behind my back I still wish them the best. This list is strictly for people that either helped me through hard times/ have then utmost respect and love for.

Bong: As I said before, we practically finish each other's sentences. Bong has easily become the person on this server I enjoy talking with the most. Either it's bullshitting and kicking back or just laughing at how retarded we both can be. You stuck with me through all of this, literally all of it there is no exaggeration. We both had each other to lean on throughout the past few years... Whether it was a breakup, loss of someone we love, or we simply weren't just having a good day... That's why I cherish what we share so damn much - we're almost the same person internally. I seriously hope we stay friends for a long ass time, love you, buddy.

Albino: You know how much you mean to me as I've literally written this probably about 5 times... All across my tenure here at Orion, your encouragement, guidance, has been undoubtedly appreciating. It's been a true honor to work and share this server with you over the past 3 years. Whether you decide to keep Orion up or down, good luck with it. I know you have the motivation down there somewhere to not let this beauty die. I love you man.

Righty: Although I pushed you away and focused only on myself, you were my first friend on this server and ultimately the one that made who I am today. (On Orion) Good luck with that new project, I know you guys have the desire to make it work and hopefully it will!

Slam: I could on and on about this man... If you ever need someone to talk you through shit, contact this guy.

Brandon: Thanks for making the whole process a little easier... Knowing that I had someone to chill with after dealing with some people on this server was always heartwarming.

8B1T: Although we fought almost daily, you gave me the motivation necessary to succeed on Orion. I know you'll probably never see this but I'm thankful for you man. Good luck with your future and I hope everything goes well with your family.

Kawaii: You know I'm gonna be honest, Kawaii you definitely by far are the most difficult to write about. I know what you've said about me and seeing you put on a face to mask it hurts every time I communicate with you. (Not trying to out you, just thought it was necessary to say as this will be one of my last posts) But... No hard feelings, I'm thankful for everything you've done for this server and me especially. I hope you figure out and settle down soon as you deserve it.

Pillow: Funniest kid ever dude, I love you man. Good luck with med school!

Tails: As I said initially, you gave me the final push to act on my true feelings. Everything I needed to say is on your resignation post, love you, man.

JLG: Keep trucking bro! You'll make Super one day!!! No, but seriously... JLG Is the true definition of loyalty.

Sicko: Although we've unfortunately slowly grown apart these past few months, I'm thankful for the opportunity you gave me to work for you. I hope we stay friends as when we were speaking daily, It was the most fun I had on this server. Love you man.

Cyan: Even though you piss me the fuck off, I still love you. Goodluck buddy.

If I didn't mention you don't just know that that I wish you the best! Love you all.

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Thank you for everything Fyre, you truly have made an amazing difference in Orion. It may come to an end, as you said all things do. But it was not something I personally have ever regretted being apart of. Thank you for making that part the best part of my life, I hope your future treats you well. If you go into police work, maybe we will see each other one day on the field, you'll notice me when you see me, it's hard to miss a guy in a Spider-Man suit.

You will be endlessly missed. Should this be where the server ends, I am happy I got to see it through to the end. Not too far from when it started, all the way until now. I salute Orion and everything it stood for. Maybe one day, one day we all will be back; but that's another story, for another day.


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Thank you for the kind words this morning and I'm sad as hell to see you go. You're ten years younger than me but more mature and professional than anyone I've ever worked with. If you need it I'll give you my contact info to put on your resume as a professional reference. Take it easy man


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Although we've had our differences in the last couple years, I still hold the fond memories of us having fun together close. I will never forget the late nights spent with you, Brandon, 8b1t, zuldus, and who ever else would join us. The dumbass things we would all do on gmod, or my shit playing on CS. Watching really really bad horror movies on Rabbit, like the one with the crazy grandparents, and the shit "Papa" meme I made out of that. I've always considered you a true friend, and I'll never forgive myself for how I treated you, and others. One thing I've learned since being with my fiance, is that happiness trumps all. No matter what level of staff you are on Orion, it's stressful. After all this time, and the success you've had, you deserve a break from that stress. Although I really fucked up our friendship, I still consider you one of my best friends. I love you man, and I hope you succeed in whatever it is you decide to do throughout your life.


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After the talk with had last night, which went great honestly, I had the ability to move forward and continue improving my life. You gave me a shot at becoming staff and I'd like to thank you for that. I know this has been in your mind for a while or so, but I would like to see you go on and do the things you want to do. Everyone loves you here and you've been here for a long time now, we'll still remember all the memories given by you over the past years. I wish you the best of luck on your life and hit me up anytime for games of cs or anything for that matter. I love you man and do what's best <3
Wow. This was totally out of left field and I was not expecting to be emotional today. I love you fyre, and hopefully when Orion shuts down we can start a big discord server for everyone. You’ve been a positive influence on me and everyone else’s lives for a long time now and I thank you for that, hopefully I will see you off the server <3


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I don’t plan on leaving for good, I’ll still be on the TS talking with you guys <3
Love you man. Thanks for everything youve done. I'll be sure to shoot the shit with you whenever I get the chance. Go forth my child. Do you booboo


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Sad to see you resign Fyre. We had some great times on Orion but I understand where you're coming from.


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Honestly never thought I’d see the day where you would end up resigning. Through all the fighting and arguments we’ve been in I hold so much respect for you. I have taken away so much from this server because of you and a few other people. Thanks for the multiple opportunities you have given me in becoming the best “staff” I could be. It will be weird with you not at the top anymore but I’m happy you finally came to a conclusion.


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Te quiero mucho, hope you stay within the community and talk to us, play games with us, and continue being there for us.
It's been an honor to staff for you. regardless of the mistakes I made, you treated me with professionalism and taught me the right things to do and even gave me a second chance. It's been truly my pleasure to have gotten to know you over the past year or so I've been involved with this community and this community is forever in debt to the sacrifices and work you've made and put in. The amount of respect for you can't be brought into perspective. when I was your age I was still making sex and 69 jokes (and I still do). your maturity for your age is unlike anything I've ever seen. Best regards to you Fyre, hope to see you soon.


well, where do I begin you were my inspiration, my friend, and also my role model as a staff member. It is sad to see you go after a long time you've helped this community grow. You have done a tremendous job of running the server and community for five years. I have a lot of respect for you more than you know. I knew this was coming sooner or later so I will end this off by saying this, you are a great guy/CM/Owner/Staff Member and you will be missed. :(

#RememberOrion :(


Hey bro, thanks for all the good memories, the yellings, the pranks, the chances at staff and all that shit. Pretty sad to see you go but like you said shit dies.

Thank you for the time you put into Orion. I wish I had gotten the chance to get to know you more, perhaps we can play another game sometime?