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Official Orion TTT Guidelines


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Loopholing is not allowed and harms you more than helps you. The rules are the guidelines to the server and staff have the final say.

To request help, contact a staff member in-game by type @ and a short message. Please only use @ chat for problems only.

Staff members have the final say and their decisions are final even if not stated in the rules. If you feel any outcomes/punishment was poorly made please make an appeal on the forums.

General Rules

- Respect others at all times.

- Offensive, pornographic, or gore sprays are not permitted.

- Prop pushing/killing is not allowed.

- Do not make false reports, they will get you slain.

- Your name must be in English characters only. Nothing inappropriate.

- Your name must be minimum 3 substantial characters.

- You may warn someone three times for following you or blocking a doorway, then KOS them. Each warning must be 5 seconds apart.

- Do not exploit any glitches.

- Do not impersonate staff or any other player.

- Staff always have the final say, as stated up above.

- If staff are present do not votekick/ban anyone.

- You may not call KOS locations.

- You CANNOT KOS for a traitor trap being activated unless you know that the person is the only one in the area.

- All forms of revenge/targeted RDM is not tolerated.

- Targeting/Harassing any player for any reason is not allowed.

- Grenades are only KOSABLE when they damage a player.

- Paying others to RDM is considered "Targeted RDM" on both parties.

- Pushing players into lava/water is not allowed. (Crowbar, prop push)

- There are NO RDM rounds, no exceptions. Unless the !srv "kill" round was activated.

- No ghosting. Using a third party voice communication software to call out players positions.

- You cannot kill anyone unless they shoot at you with DIRECT damage or you have proof of them being a traitor.

- If a kill is clearly "crossfire" due to recoil, or shotgun spread it's not considered RDM.

- Do NOT minge.

- Do not be racist.

- Do not hack, script, or cheat in anyway.

- You cannot ask someone to spell Innocent backwards.

- Breaking detective equipment is KOS

Chat Rules

- Under no circumstances should you spam admin, voice, or regular chat.

- Any racial slurs will not be tolerated in chat, voice chat or admin chat.

- Contact staff using @ chat.

- If for any reason you are muted, or gagged do not spam admin chat for us to reverse it.

Innocent Guidelines.

- Do not RDM: This includes killing for no reason, or for having a suspicion. KIlling people for standing still, or for "aiming" at you is not allowed and will be considered RDM.

- Traitor bating is KOS.

- You may only kill AFK's when overtime starts. (Holstered, standing still)

- Calling a false KOS will bestow a KOS on yourself. Depending on the circumstances slayable.

- Do not KOS other for hiding bodies or walking around with bodies that are identified.

- You may kill someone that is trying to hide a body that is not identified.

Traitor Guidelines

- Try not to kill your fellow Traitors, unless they shoot you first.

- Keep the round moving and don't camp in one area for too long.

- Calling KOS on your fellow Traitors will result in a slay.

- You must be actively "traitoring" in over time

Detective Guidelines

- Detectives cannot force test roles until it's overtime.

- You may not claim any detective equipment strictly for yourself. This includes, DO NOT KOS people for using a health station.

- Detectives need reasonable suspicion to KOS in overtime.

- Do not call false KOS. It will result in a KOS call bestowing upon yourself or will get you slain.

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