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Official Wiremod Rules

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-These rules are subject to change at any time. As always staff has the final say. If you have a question or concern ask a higher up

1. E2's are NOT allowed whatsoever. The use of them is subject to a kick. (ADV dupe e2's included)

2. Trails or appearance changing devices are not allowed. (Causes lag and is easy to abuse)

3. Lights of ANY kind are not allowed.

4. Wire-Thrusters are allowed purely for decoration, however, limit yourself to a max of 2. (I.E Campfire)

5. Sound emitters are allowed as long as they are not blasting throughout the server or are being used to minge. Don't ear-rape. (Base alarm for those who are inside the building being raided)

6. The use of turrets for ANY reason is not allowed.

7. The use of any "drone-like" devices to target a player are not allowed. This includes changing a targeted players color to make them easier to spot.

8. If caught abusing Wiremod in any way is subject to the removal of rank or tool. Don't be the next person to get a tool restricted for everyone.

9. If a staff member is asking you to remove your Wiremod items please do so.

10. Holograms are no longer allowed

11. Using Wiremod to open fading doors is not allowed.

12. Explosives or any tool that is used to harm people is subject to a ban. (refer to 8)

Thanks, Kawaii.
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