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Okanobi TrialMod App

Real Name: Corbin Wetherell.

IGN: Okanobi (Steam: Criminal).

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:116782886.

Hours on the server: 150 Hours.

Past experience with staffing servers: Noob Gaming, Backflip Rp(Before it went to shit), I shadow as much as possible with everyone.

The staff that will vouch for you: Jermaine, Lube The Man, Brazy, Richy, Coral, SMXY, Papa Yee,

Age OR Date of Birth: 15, Feb,5,2003

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*: Becoming a trial moderator is an act of trust by the community. Some reasons I should become trial moderator are because I have loyalty to this server. The loyalty shown threw pure hours and time spent getting to know the community and my mind set on becoming a moderator of any sort. I understand what people say about me, minge, annoying, "kid", ect, I want to change that and so I have tried and believe I have successfully changed. Over time I found the Orion community to be for what they really are, not dickheads or assholes but actually helping me. Lately, I have been trying to help newer players on the server people who do not know much and those who are confused and when the administration isn't there I help. I am a very active person in the community on the server and on Teamspeak, talking, listening, and having fun. My hours on are going to increase after June 22nd as that is when school ends so my schedule is going to be completely flexible, on a side note I live in ETZ so I'm 3 hours ahead. I love shadowing sits, as I love being a moderator and seeing what is happening on the server and getting to know who the good, bad, or the confused. I like to deal with issues with or without others. By entrusting me with trial moderator I can change the minds of all people who portray me as a bad person and show that I’m able to handle being apart of the community in a much bigger way.
I realize being on the server the staff also want to have fun too after all it is a game, I want to make that happen so they don’t have to worry about dealing with player issues and roleplay. I promise to make me trial moderator that issues will be resolved and people will see that I’m not the person they perceive me as.

Why do you qualify for this position? (One Paragraph)*: I feel why I qualify for this position is the things I'm willing to sacrifice, what I'm saying is the free time I have will be devoted to the server. I want to be the person to change others and how they act and appreciate the server and deal with the ones that want to ruin the fun and amazing experience I have on the server now. Helping is what I like and when I get a chance to help someone I feel I should step up for this so hopefully, they can become a devotee of the server. I understand the stress of most administration and the high-ups, there is a lot going on behind just roleplaying I wish to help and take the stress of dealing with rule breakers and people who have no intent to role play. I wish to show everyone I'm not that person who is annoying but can handle situations that can really anger others and will not lash back at those who choose to do wrong. I want to be the person that people will look up to as a role model as what to do right and wrong and be the teacher to new players and a reminder to the older players.
Players make mistakes, I want to help make those mistakes a one time one, I made mistakes and I changed, I’ve been talking around and listening to the community and getting to know everyone ever since I decided to do that I fell more in love with everything this server has to offer. I shadow a lot and learned how you should act and the times of bans and times for jails depending on what the issue was.

Have you ever been banned of any server, if so what reason: Yes, I put a lamp on my car with other things like lights and thrusters.

Do you have a microphone: (NOT NEEDED BUT, PREFERRED IF YOU DO): Yes

Which server are you applying for? (Darkrp or TTT)*: DarkRp

Extra notes: I don't have mental problems like my old staff app it's just I have really bad anxiety, sorry bought that.


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I've had a multitude of issues with you. I haven't seen much improvement. You seem eager to get staff but that doesn't mean anything if you don't have to attitude and personality to back it up. I will admit the application itself is quite astounding although as of right now I absolutely do not think it would be in our best interest to have you as staff. -1


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-1 Was toxic to me and other users/staff. Has a smart ass attitude and not staff material.

Frank Castle

The Punisher
Staff member
+/- You've been improving, but I'll just leave this here...
If you claim this was a "typing mistake" then you should've explained immediately what you meant. Otherwise things like this should not be stated or talked about in the server, on forums, or ts really. If it was you asking hottie to vouch, then you should make sure to ask about vouching specifically. In my opinion, it shows you didn't feel like taking the time to correct a mistake when you initially made it, which is one of the reasons I am weary of you being staff. I personally have not had good experiences with you, and quite often when you I am on or even passing by you tell me to go fuck myself. Or just generally say negative things.
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+1 great improvment
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-1 Was toxic to me and other users/staff. Has a smart ass attitude and not staff material.
I havent been able to play with you on the server if you did you'll see im not like that anymore same with frank.
+1 knows what he is doing, and also has the experience to fulfill the role.
+1, Yes I used to have troubles in the past. But these couple weeks he's actually changed and is fun to play with him. I asked him to be involved with other players and RP, and he's done so and I like to see that. Also he's been very active in TS and Server past weeks. Yes back in the days we have issues here and there, but he's changed from those days and I think he's staff ready! Good Luck on your app.


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+1. You were a bit iffy at first, but you do need a bit of help. I will say that this +1 lasts if you keep up the current attitude. Keep trying. If any staff are willing to talk to you then ask them for advice. They can help if you ask. Creating trust with the community doesn't come from minges, but from staff members and loyal members. Connect with them and enjoy. But keep in mind that some will see you as a face of the community. So don't abuse it if you get t-mod.
+1. Okanobi is a personal friend of mine, and is a very friendly person, on a random day I asked if he can help me with a my base, and we have been playing almost daily since. Has good experience and knows how to deal with stressful situations in a positive way, I definitely think Okanobi is fit for staff.
Thx I dont like when people +1 or -1 without a reason
hope you understand