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Orion Jeopardy Event!


Best Potato :3
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I've been slaving away behind the scenes to bring you an awesome NSFW and probably PTSD inducing content.
I hope all of you enjoy and sign up!

April 7th 2018 at 7pm PST

How do I sign up?:
Comment down below "I'm ready to play!" along with your rank on the server. (I.E mod,encrypted,user,etc.)



No cheating. Try your best to just answer the questions and not look anything up

Don’t be an asshole. Play the game and have fun

Don’t talk over one another

Don’t mess with the Game hosts control panel

and Of Course...Have some sense.

Have FUN!!!

There will be 3 Teams consisting of 3 people (or more it depends)

Team Structure:
One new player/less known
One staff member
Anyone else
Quick Tease :3



ha jokes on you, I live under a rock. Wait, wrong comeback. Cool event though.

I'm ready to play User
Note: if you're on my team you probs gonna lose haHAA.
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I'd play but I already know the questions and their answers.

Selling them to the highest bidder starting at $1,000