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I would like to start this off by thanking Fyre and the rest of the higher-ups for giving me an opportunity to be staff of this great server. I have gotten to know a lot of really cool people on the server, and have gained some great friends doing so. I'm going to keep this pretty simple as to why I need to resign; it's because I need to re-evaluate my priorities and focus a lot more on my college studies and work. I'm not sure how long it will be until my return, but I would like to get on the server and TS at least once per month. Thank you all so much.

-Luv Cheeki
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Bye cheeky and thanks for the work you’ve done. I will remember you as “Olive Garden Guy” haha ;) Goodluck with school and May you come back soon in the future!


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I'm about to cry.
Omg cheeki, thank you so so much for playing on Orion. I remember the first time you told me you were gonna apply for staff. We just sat there and had a really long talk about it.
Then recently, I became staff. You helped me with setting up commands and making sure what to do and what not. Now you're going.....
Anyways, you're awesome dude. Don't stop being awesome. Come visit the server sometime!
Thank you so much for the help, and thanks for being a great friend. Luv ya man.


PS why are all the boyz leaving?
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Thanks for being apart of the server and all the work you put in was good. Make sure to come on once in a while to chill out, love ya man.
Cheeki thank you for everything, for helping me become staff, and for being a person who believed in me. You corrected anything I was wrong for as T-mod. I WILL PASS ON YOUR WILL OF FIRE CHEEKI:logo: