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Server back up - Bitminers now last longer.

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I know I just said we're going to add back the old bitminers, but unfortunately, it's now physically impossible.

The initial bitminer script has been disabled. So, the best you're gonna get :


Generators now last longer when putting in fuel.

+ Generators spawn with 1000 fuel.
+ Fuel canisters now refuel 500 fuel.
+ Bitminer s1 clock speed was changed from 2.44 to 6 (mines faster)
+ Bitminer s2 clock speed was changed from 3.22 to 7 (mines faster)
? Bitminer server clock speed stayed the same. (same speed because of the ability to buy more servers)
+ Bitminer fuel consumption lower further.
+ Bitminer generator output changed from 10w to 20w.
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