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SirPootisツ - Trial-Mod Application

Real Name: Nicolas M. Scaletta

IGN: SirPootisツ

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57635614

Hours on server: 73

Past experience with staffing servers: Super Admin/Co-Owner of Absolute Gaming DarkRP, Owner of Xenox DarkRP, Business Manager of Fabled DarkRP & Corporate Administrator for The Vice Servers (These go beyond the realm of DarkRP).

Staff that will vouch for you: The Lube Man, Hobosexual, Hottie Slayer, Richy, Jermaine & Soshi

Age OR Date of Birth: 25

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*: I believe there is no other way to justify why I should be picked for staff, rather than I believe the community should understand my outlook on what it means to me to be a staff member. Being a staff member is without a doubt a privilege. A privilege that not everyone has earned or will get to earn. Hence, being staff means to put one's own needs aside to fulfill the overall greater need of the server. Furthermore, as a potential staff member, I believe that it is my duty to isolate myself from any relationship with any particular player (friend, sibling, etc..) and treat every member with the same respect and care. Favoritism is one thing that I despise most, and it would be my motive as a staff member to show every member the same amount of respect, whether they be twelve years old, or twenty years old, it makes no difference to me. People are people, and people deserve respect. Hence, I can strongly attest that I approach every situation with an objective mindset, with the intent that both parties within any conflict benefit and learn from the situation and develop a mindset to avoid further conflicts. Furthermore, it would be my goal as a staff member to make Orion DarkRP one of the most welcoming communities in the Garry's Mod DarkRP realm. Over the many years that I have been in the business world, I have experienced many people whom can be difficult and frustrating, and this has caused me to develop a concept that I have spread to many of my friends and family: "The hardest, most frustrating people in your life, are usually the people whom end up teaching you the most about life". Developing strong conflict resolution skills is something that I believe is essential for all staff members, and something that will be far useful outside of a virtual game. Hence, we as people also learn a lot about ourselves from difficult people. If I were granted the opportunity to be a staff member for the Orion Network, it is my goal to make sure every player is well informed of the rules, and to guarantee that every player feels respected, safe, protected and cared for by the Orion Community. It would truly be an honor to serve as staff on such a renowned server, and support the community as a whole.

Why do you qualify for this position?(One Paragraph)*: I qualify for the position of "Trial-Moderator" because of the many experiences and opportunities I have fulfilled within the DarkRP community of Garry's Mod. As listed above, I have been staff on several DarkRP servers, and I have played many managerial roles on a numerous amount of servers. During these past times, I made many mistakes, but I also flourished in many successes. I have learned from my mistakes, whether that be incorrectly banning someone, or accidentally resetting the map, I have become more knowledgeable. I have also learned my successes and examined the steps I took to get to where I was. One of my most proud success stories was opening up my own DarkRP server (Xenox DarkRP). It was a story of many failures that led up to a big success, and I believe that I gained a plethora of knowledge and self-respect after going through the many ordeals the server put me through. Furthermore I believe that I qualify for the position because of my exquisite conflict resolution skills, and my ability to objectively listen and understand any conflict. In addition, I have a large sum of experience when it comes to mitigation and solving civil issues between two parties. Lastly, I believe that my self-respect allows for me to pour out respect onto the others, and make everyone feel as if they are respected, and cared for. Truly, if I were selected as a staff member, it would be my mission statement to use my skills to improve the overall quality of our DarkRP server, and capitalize on every opportunity to help and support the community.

Do you have a microphone: (NOT NEEDED BUT, PREFERRED IF YOU DO): Yes

Which server are you applying for? (Darkrp or TTT)*: Orion DarkRP

Extra notes: I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my application. If the community has the time, please leave a +/- , and with it, please leave a small little reason. I learn great from feedback. Thanks- Have a great day!


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+/- I don't know if you're just really new, but i've never seen you before. Try getting 100 hours before applying (That's my personal opinion.) Nice paragraphs tho
EDIT: +1 From all the good feedback you seem pretty nice.
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+1 Chillest dude so far, legitimate guy and very caring. P.S. get back to work ;)


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+1 should have asked me to vouch I would have!


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Your fucking voice is too heavenly for this server to handle tbh. +1


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+1 Really great guy. Deserves it 100%


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Head Admin
+1 Seems like a swell guy to me. Active on the teamspeak. 1 question though, Did you write this application while you were at work rn?
+1 Seems like a swell guy to me. Active on the teamspeak. 1 question though, Did you write this application while you were at work rn?

I submitted during a gap in work. I originally drafted this the other day.
+1 Been active on TS, and also knows how to handle rule breakers, as well as trolls. Hope you get staff!


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+1 seems incredibly professional. Has a life as well. Sort of reminds me of Albino.


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+1. Great Paragraphs, and super nice in game and on forums.


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(I'm a salty bastard.)
No but in all seriousness I just prefer to have staff with over 100 hours. Just my opinion.


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+1 He's chill and fun to play with. He knows da rules