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Staff Application Format/Rules (PLEASE FOLLOW RULES)

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first and foremost, You'll be part of our staff team trying to make Orion Network a better place in order to give players the best possible experience on the server.

Staff are responsible for keeping order and acting if players break our rules, both in-game and on our forums. Being part of the staff community allows you to communicate with fellow staff to improve the support provided to players.

| | Rules down below for DarkRP | |

Failure to adhere to any of the rules will result in instantly being ignored/denied

1. Age requirement is now 14 years of age.
2. You must have 50+ hours on the server to submit an application.
3. Do not promote your staff application on the Server/TS. Doing so will result in an instant deny.
4. A paragraph is 4-5 sentences, not a run on sentence. Use grammar/spelling to the best of your abilities.

Answer the question(s) listed below with as much detail as possible. Note that all questions are mandatory, leaving./ignoring any questions will result in your application being declined immediately.


IGN (In-Game-Name):


Hours on the server:

Past experience with staffing servers:

Are you currently staff on another server?:

Staff that will vouch for you:

Age OR Date of Birth:

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*:

Why do you qualify for this position?(One Paragraph)*:

Have you ever been banned off any server? If so what reason:

Do you have a microphone (REQUIRED):

Tell us about yourself:

Extra Notes:

If you end up getting accepted, be prepared to go through a training period. It will take place on TeamSpeak (ts.orion.network).

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