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Staff Application

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Hours on the server:
I have over 1000 hours since I joined the community but GameTracker has reset many times and sometimes is buggy. Currently I have 372 hours according to GameTracker.

Past experience with staffing servers:
Venom Gaming Deathrun & TTT Administrator, Orion Network DarkRP Administrator, Garnet Gaming MilitaryRP Trial-Mod

Are you currently staff on another server?

Staff that will vouch for you:
I haven’t asked anyone so I’m not sure.

Age OR Date of Birth:
17, (7/31/2001)

Why should we choose you?
I should be chosen for a position on the staff team because of my experience with staffing. I've staffed on Orion for months on end. I believe I can pull off the work without error consistently. After staffing on a semi-serious MRP server where you get a strike for using admin commands off duty I believe I am more than qualified to retackle staffing on Orion. I've been staff on Orion before so I already know the ropes and how things are ran, supervision or extra training would not be necessary. I've never gotten any sort of report on the forums against me while I was staff on Orion because I did my job as staff with perfection. I always made sure the job was done in an unbiased manner and took my time to get to the bottom of the situation so the player is punished and realize what they did wrong.

I have changed my attitude and perspective towards things on the server ever since my return. I try and be helpful as possible in-game and on the forums. I already try and help as much as possible on the forums whether that be by responding to threads with help to the topic being discussed or suggesting things I feel like would benefit the server. If I were to be accepted I could help the server by dealing with players' problems in game.

Taking sits with frustrated players or people who complain is common for staff members. I keep my cool on the server, never getting mad at anyone. By now I can take control of the situation and deal with sits in a calm manner. I make sure that the issue at hand is resolved before ending the sit, and suitable punishments are issued if necessary.

To recap I should be chosen for a position on the staff team because of my experience with staffing on GMod, my positive change in behavior towards the server, and taking sits in a professional way, and dealing with the problem in a calm manner.

Why do you qualify for this position?
I believe I have many qualifying traits to be staff, such as experience, activity on the server, and dedication. I have experience in pretty much every aspect of the server. I know how the staff team is ran and what is expected. I know ULX like my ABC’s at this point because of how many times I have used it. I have experience dealing with mingy players on Orion, rule breakers, etc since I joined the community in 2016. My activity on the server is consistent. I am on almost every day. The only days I cannot get on is if I have too much homework or I am busy after school but that is rare. Sometimes Orion has periods on the server during the weekdays (because of the yearly player dip) where there isn’t any staff on so if I were to be staff I could enforce the rules during that time. And finally I am a dedicated member of the community. I am always checking the forums, helping members whenever I can, and trying to suggest changes I feel like are positive for the server. Overall I feel like I am more than qualified for a position on the staff team. Thank you for reading, any sort of feedback is appreciated.

Have you ever been banned off any server? If so what reason:
Yes I have been banned from many Garrys Mod servers before I knew the rules of servers and took RP seriously. I also have been banned from Orion as jokes but once seriously.

Do you have a microphone:

Tell us about yourself:

I am a senior in high school graduating this year. I live in Canada B.C. In my spare time I like to play video games like Garry’s Mod, Black Ops 4, Rust, and some other games I hop on from time to time. I love listening to music, my favourite genre is rap/hip-hop. I’ve been listening to rap since I was 6 and have loved it since. I have been a part of the Orion community since June of 2016. During that year I managed to reach the rank ‘Admin’ but unfortunately lost it. (If you were around back then you know lol). After that I played Orion on and off, being staff a few times in between.

Extra Notes:
Thanks for reading my staff application, feedback is appreciated.
  • Held multiple positions on the staff team in the past.
  • Knows community and its rules.
  • Good Application
  • Is canadian.
Good luck.


Staff member
Senior Mod
Absolutely overwhelmed. Very kind in-game, and has a great knowledge of the rules.
I'm wishing you good luck.
(You're right! @Abu )



Well-Known Member
+1 I've known you since you were an admin until now, you were a great staff every single time you applied.
+1 ur cool
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+1 When Righty was a staff here on Orion, he was a very knowledgeable staff member. When I would shadow him he would deal with everyone in the most professional and respectful manner. I feel that he also matured since his ban and also regrets the previous actions that got him banned in the first place. I know he will be a good staff member, just like he was before. Overall solid guy.


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Staff member
+1 A great member to have and you did pretty well as staff before. Good Luck on your application Righty :)
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