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Staff Application

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IGN (In-Game-Name): Abu

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:97273585

Hours on the server: About 400 (50 in the past 2 weeks)

Past experience with staffing servers: Former Orion Senior Moderator, Former Garnet Head Moderator.

Are you currently staff on another server?: No, I resigned off Garnet Gaming two months ago.

Staff that will vouch for you: Mario | Striker | Bubba

Age OR Date of Birth: 15.

Why should we choose you? (One Paragraph)*: I’m going to start this off by saying I’ve really matured ever since I got banned about a year ago and I apologize for the immature/stupid actions of my past, I can guarantee I am completely different now. Anyways, If I am chosen for staff, you will get a staff member that will be able to get on pretty much at any given moment besides during or after school or whenever I’m hanging out with friends and family. Since my unbanning, I’ve been getting on for about four hours every day, getting used to the new rules and overall atmosphere of the community that has changed since I was banned off of the server. During this time I’ve been able to interact with new people, catch up with old friends, and get re-situated with the community. On top of being on the server, I’m always on Teamspeak when I’m playing Gmod and I always have steam messages ready if I were to be contacted there. To make a long story short, if you were to accept me, you will receive a staff who is not only experienced in staffing but also one who will always be on and accessible.

Why do you qualify for this position? (One Paragraph)*: As the majority of you all know, I was previously staff for about like five months before getting demoted for inactivity, I will elaborate more on that later in this application. To be completely honest, when I was Tmod I didn't really take that many sits and was just trying to get promoted, this however changed when I got Moderator. It was easier to take sits and I enjoyed the server more for some reason with moderator power, this continued until I was a senior mod. When I was Smod, for a period of time, I would get on for 8 hours a day every week when I was really grinding Orion. This period of time burnt me out a lot and I quit the server to go staff on Garnet Gaming leading to my demotion for inactivity, something that won't happen again. Anyways, even though I left the server to go staff on Garnet, this gave me an added level of maturity that I needed. Since Garnet is a serious server I changed my ways completely from what it was in 2017 and became an overall more mature and serious person. So to sum it up, Garnet provided me with essential staffing experience and this on top of the Orion staffing experience is why you guys should give me another shot in the staffing team. When I was staff on Orion, despite being demoted for inactivity, I really didn't mess up seriously when I was staff, I would minge occasionally but as I previously said, I am a completely changed individual. I was also never one to ignore seats or sits or abuse during my time on the staff team. Due to my previous staffing, I will need little to no training in ULX, rules, and sit taking procedures. These are all of the reasons why I qualify for staff again.

Have you ever been banned off any server? If so what reason: Community banned of Orion | Also banned of Orion for ropespam two years ago when I didn't know how to play GMOD. Besides these two events, I have done nothing else.

Do you have a microphone (REQUIRED): Yes

Tell us about yourself: Hi my name is Abu, I have been playing on Orion for two years since late 2016. I applied for staff in early 2017 here, stayed Tmod for a bit since this was the only time I wouldn't really take a lot of sits but slowly but surely I worked up the confidence to make a promotion app here. I really enjoyed mod but I had to take a break from staff during summer due to my family coming over from overseas, however, right when I came back I applied for Smod here. After I got Smod I played a lot and got burnt out quick and sadly got demoted for inactivity due to me joining another community which was my mistake since I should have left more peacefully, not making a resignation post and not attempting to chargeback, but again, like I have said multiple times, I have changed drastically.

Extra Notes: Thank you for reading this application through and thoroughly, I hope you have all have a nice day and hope you all leave constructive criticism on my application if needed!


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Is everyone coming back?
+1 BTW.
You're awesome. Add me to vouch
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I've known Abu for a few years now and I can by far say he's one of the most mature, unbiased, and level headed people I know, not only that but he knows the community well, as well as its rules and regulations. He qualifies for this position more than most people as he's already been past staff.
+1. Good luck.


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Please don't shitpost on staff applications.
+1 When he was a staff here on Orion, he was very helpful to everyone that asked for his helped and would resolve all issues anyone had on the server really efficiently. He was also dedicated to being staff, was really active on the forums. I think he has also shown a lot of maturity since being unbanned and has truly regretted the past immature actions that led him to be banned. Overall solid guy.
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